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FG begins building of first Aviacargo village

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By Abiodun Okunloye

The country is set to become a hub for agro-export in Africa - FAAN.

With the goal of transforming the economy of the country into one that is driven primarily by exports and also becoming a hub for Agro-export in Africa, the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, has begun construction of the first Aviacargo village in the country. This endeavour is being carried out as part of FAAN efforts to fulfil these goals. The FAAN reports that the land mass occupied by the cargo village is 27,000 square metres and has the capacity to house all of the airport export procedures.

According to a report, it was also revealed that despite the availability of goods in the country, previous governments have not been successful in facilitating more export by air since the advent of the air cargo system in the country. When this fact is taken into consideration, it is clear that the sector’s part of total trade volume appears to be dismal. This is because the majority of aircraft that leave the country do so nearly empty.

Rejection of Nigerian Agro-exports will be tackled.

In response to this development, Mr. Kabir Mohammed, the Managing Director of FAAN, stated during his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony that the establishment of an Aviacargo village was recognised as one of the earliest successes in addressing the rejection of Nigerian Agro-exports and increasing the nation’s revenue from exports. He stated that the cargo village, which is one of the proposed suggestions of the Aviacargo road map committee that FAAN established, is located in one of the potential locations.

Also, this would help to streamline the process of Agro-exporting in the country and establish an operation that is smooth from the farm to the airport before it is shipped abroad. He added that people might agree with him that FAAN management is sincerely determined to follow their recommendations with the goal of taking the position that is rightfully theirs as the number one exporter of Aviacargo in Africa within the next few years as the ceremony was taking place.

Many export processes will be streamlined in this new initiative.

This cargo village will function as a one-stop shop with the goal of resolving the majority of the obstacles that prevent substantial Aviacargo exports in the nation. It will have capabilities for processing cargo, packing, accreditation, laboratory services, data collecting for product and produce tracing, and other functions. They can be certain that over the next couple of years, cargo flights will be taking off from the airports completely laden with goods that conform to the criteria and requirements of the destination.

Mr. Ikechi Uko, the coordinator of the Aviacargo Roadmap Committee, stated that the groundbreaking occasion is a little step for the agency and the committee members but a great stride for the country of Nigeria. He used this chance to express his gratitude to FAAN and its management team for everything they had accomplished. He said it seems like an insignificant advance to those who are also present, but in reality, it represents a giant leap forward not only for FAAN but for the nation’s progress.

Nigeria is set to take its position as a leading freight hub in Africa.

Lastly, the nation is currently ranked fifth in Africa, but it could be number one, and this milestone marks the beginning of the journey to become the number one aviation freight hub in Africa. He extended his gratitude to the Managing Director for seeing this through to fulfilment as well as to the entire committee for their unwavering support of this endeavour ever since it was conceived. And the next time they come to this location, he said there will be evidence of what they have done there.

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