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Ezzycare to boost rural areas health service

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Partnership with FG will help it alleviate the shortage of medical experts.

A platform that connects people with healthcare providers, Ezzycare has indicated its willingness to work with the federal government to alleviate the shortage of medical experts in rural areas, particularly among disconnected military personnel. During a press conference in Abuja to introduce the Ezzycare online app, CEO Dr. Torm Gee Malu made this announcement, he reaffirmed that private organisations and people interested in helping Ezzycare solve Nigeria’s healthcare problem are welcome to join forces with them. He brought attention to the worrisome statistics regarding healthcare by pointing out the daily emigration of Nigerian doctors. He mentioned that the UK had hired over a thousand Nigerian doctors in the past year.

Not only doctors but also specialists, he said, are travelling to Saudi Arabia. This expertise migration is primarily motivated by financial incentives and is a serious challenge for the country. Dr. Malu, at the discussion, presented the app, whose slogan is “Healthcare at your command.” The software facilitates medical consultations by providing access to in-home visits from doctors, video conversations with medical professionals, prescription ordering, and demands for laboratory testing, thereby putting the conveniences of a hospital at the user’s disposal.

It gives users access to a wide range of health service providers.

Having been in development over the course of 11 years, he stated that the Ezzycare app is the very first of its kind to provide users with access to a wide selection of healthcare providers located within a five-minute range. Users of the app have easy access to a wide variety of healthcare providers, such as Orthopaedic surgeons, laboratory scientists, cardiologists, nurses, and many others. This is made possible by leveraging the app. He highlighted the benefits and the enhanced features of the Ezzycare app by comparing its model to Uber.

Users have the option of negotiating with healthcare providers over service pricing and selecting doctors based on how close they are and their availability. The app quickly connects users with nearby medical professionals, both for emergency and routine care. Laboratory testing can be done at home, and drugs can be sent straight to the user’s door, all with the help of this system. The app facilitates easy and quick access to healthcare by decreasing patient wait times and streamlining administrative operations.

Nigerians are encouraged to utilise the app for their medical needs.

Dr. Malu extended a keen invitation to the people of Nigeria to make use of the app, particularly those who live in rural and isolated areas of the country where access to medical care is limited. Users are able to effortlessly consult with physicians through the use of video calls as long as they own a mobile phone that is connected to the internet. In addition, people can schedule appointments for themselves or for their loved ones, regardless of where they are located in Nigeria or outside the country.

Clinical visits, home care, and video call consultations are the three different kinds of visits that may be scheduled through the app, as the Ezzycare Admin, Prisca Popoola, explained in more detail. Users have the option of requesting that doctors visit them at their homes, go to clinics for in-person consultations, or engage in video conversations to receive medical treatment remotely. They ensure that users have quick access to medical professionals irrespective of the consultation method that they select.

Positive feedback was received from the health service app users.

On her path, Dr. Deborah Ojiako, who serves as the Medical Director of Ezzycare, provided further insight, revealing some reassuring testimonies from app users who were pleased with the service they received. She said that they include patients like Mark, who scheduled a Paediatrician for in-home care, and Miriam, who needed a mental health specialist and applauded the ease and efficacy of the consultations. Both of these patients requested a specialist in the fields they specialise in.

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