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Expired passport holders can return home

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By Okunloye Abiodun

A convenient way is initiated for those living abroad to return for yuletide.

According to a letter from the Nigeria Immigration Service, Nigerians whose passports have expired can now return to their country for the Yuletide and New Year celebrations. The Assistant Comptroller General in charge of the Border Management Directorate of the NIS wrote a letter on behalf of the Comptroller General to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The letter stated that the Federal Government of Nigeria has approved a new policy allowing Nigerians returning from abroad to enter the country even if their Nigerian passports have expired. This policy is aimed at making it more convenient for those living abroad to return home.

The document titled: “Authority to Board/Admit Nigerians with Expired Nigeria Passports” additionally conveyed that it is hereby instructed that airlines arriving in Nigeria should permit individuals possessing expired Nigerian passports to board without obstruction. In continuation of the previously mentioned statement, he added that it is strongly recommended that all Nigerian Embassies and High Commissions extensively publicise this instruction. Over an extended period of time, citizens returning to the country with expired passports have had exclusive access.

NIS calls for customer support and passport reissuance.

As a result of this, it mandates all entry/exit points to establish a customer support centre dedicated to assisting Nigerians falling under this specific category. Furthermore, it instructs the passport offices to process the re-issuance of their passports within a maximum time frame of two weeks. However, Adedotun Aridegbe, the spokesperson for the NIS, neither denied nor confirmed the authenticity of the letter upon being approached for comment. According to anonymous high-ranking officials in the service, they have not personally viewed the circular. Hence, they are unable to verify the letter’s authenticity directly. Despite not having seen the circular, he said that the content is authentic as it is not new.

On the other hand, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, the Minister of Interior, shows displeasure with respect to the alleged unethical activities that occurred at the Seme border and has directed that immediate action be put in place to ensure these are stamped. However, a statement released by Aridegbe on Saturday conveyed the message that the Comptroller General of Immigration, Caroline Wura-Ola Adepoju, PCC+, FSI, has declared that severe consequences will be imposed if the allegations are proven to be true. These allegations are deemed unacceptable as they do not align with the NIS values and standards.

NIS pledges to uphold professionalism and accountability.

Mrs. Caroline Wura-Ola voices her disappointment regarding the reported conduct and assures the public that comprehensive measures are being taken to examine the issue thoroughly. The NIS is dedicated to maintaining the utmost levels of professionalism, honesty, and dedication to the country. As a response to these accusations, the NIS is introducing various measures at the borders to guarantee the seamless passage of migrants while upholding national security. To foster a sense of responsibility within the Service, the Comptroller General is taking direct charge of the adjustments to rectify deficiencies and solidify accountability.

In order to address any wrongdoing, the Service guarantees the public that every complaint and suggestions will undergo a comprehensive inquiry, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken. Additionally, the CG firmly believes that with the continuous encouragement and backing from the Minister of Interior, Dr. Olubunmi and his unwavering determination to cultivate a well-regulated and efficient workforce within the NIS, the organisation shall surmount obstacles and enhance its pledge to upholding professionalism, responsibility, and the faith of the public.

Many initiatives are underway to expand passport offices.

Similarly, Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, in an interview with ARISE NEWS, recently disclosed a parallel report stating that the Ministry of Interior is making extensive efforts to establish multiple passport offices within Nigeria and abroad. Collaborating with various international agencies, their ultimate objective is to facilitate the collection of passports for both Nigerians residing within the country and those living in the diaspora, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process. He emphasised the effectiveness of establishing multiple offices to streamline passport requests and collections. This approach aims to reduce the high demand for passports while combating the prevalent corruption where individuals manipulate Nigerians to procure passports on their behalf.

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2 months ago

Expired passport holders can return home.A convenient way is initiated for those living abroad to return for yuletide. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

It’s reassuring to hear that the government is facilitating the return of Nigerians with expired passports for the festive season. The effort to establish multiple passport offices is a positive step towards improving efficiency and reducing corruption. However, addressing reported misconduct at the Seme border is crucial for maintaining public trust. Overall, these initiatives contribute to a more streamlined and accountable immigration process.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

That’s great news! It’s wonderful to hear that there is a convenient way for expired passport holders living abroad to return home for the yuletide season. The holiday season is a time when many people long to be with their loved ones, and this initiative provides an opportunity for those individuals to reunite with their families and celebrate together.
Having a valid passport is essential for international travel, and the convenience of this initiative will make it easier for those with expired passports to make their journey back home. It’s important to ensure that proper documentation is in place to maintain the integrity of immigration processes while also facilitating the return of individuals to their home countries.
The yuletide season is a special time of joy, love, and togetherness, and being able to be with family and friends during this time is truly meaningful. Let’s hope that this initiative brings happiness and warmth to all those who are able to take advantage of it.

2 months ago

Passport holders that have expired can go back home. A easy method is started for people who are overseas to celebrate Yuletide in return. When we travel, we must make sure our passports are valid. This is to make sure that, despite the passport expiring, we are not seen as undocumented immigrants.Resolving alleged wrongdoing at the border with Seme is essential to preserving public confidence.

2 months ago

The government’s plan to permit people whose passports have expired to spend the holidays at home One admirable attempt to improve the application process is the desire to open additional passport offices both locally and abroad.Spending time with family and friends throughout the yuletide season is incredibly meaningful since it’s a unique period of happiness and love together