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Expert urges professionalism in shipping

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By Abraham Adekunle

Freight expert says C2B approach needed to maintain relevance.

Muvi Ogha, a freight shipping expert, has said that professionalism and customer satisfaction are critical success factors that can make players in the industry thrive. He stressed that professionals in the freight-shipping sector of the transportation industry must embrace a customer-to-business (C2B) and best-practices approach to remain relevant in the ever-changing trend of information and technology. He made this call in a recent briefing in Lagos, saying the core of success in any business is the ability to identify a unique niche market to serve and add value through professionalism and good customer experience as the end goal.

He stated that though the business terrain could be challenging, many professionals in Nigeria overlook areas such as customers’ bottom line, customer satisfaction, simplified freight approach, transparency and clear communication among others, which are some of the best practices across the globe. Ogha is the Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Cargo Connections Ltd (WCCL), a start-up freight logistics company in Lagos. He revealed that the industry has been infiltrated by quacks who engage in unethical practices that do not project the industry in a good light. Until a system is put in place to expose quackery and mitigate the operations of these charlatans, he said that unsuspecting customers will fall prey.

Ogha’s WCCL has provided excellent service across the board.

Speaking on his brand’s contribution, Ogha said that his organization has positioned itself to provide excellent service across the board. According to him, the brand is a dynamic freight shipping company that exists to add value to the economy with a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The firm has set out to become a leading player in the logistics industry by providing transparent, fast, efficient, and cost-effective international freight shipping services to a diverse clientele.

With a commitment to safe and timely delivery of their imports from the USA, Canada, Europe, or China, he said that WCCL becomes the preferred choice for all customer categories with emphasis on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), high net-worth Individuals and large corporations seeking service excellence. He also stated that the brand has continued to support the efforts of SMEs in a bid to help them navigate the complexities of documentation, customs issues, shipping among others. He said that SMEs often find themselves struggling with the challenges of international trade, particularly when it comes to importing goods from regions like the USA, Canada, Europe and China. He noted that limited resources and a lack of extensive logistics capabilities can pose hurdles to their growth.

Nigerians had been complaining of the country’s postal service.

For instance, as far back as 2020, many Nigerians had criticized how the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) and Chinese e-commerce firm, AliExpress, had failed to deliver goods they had ordered and paid for online. While some counted their losses, others had said that the country’s postal service was flawed even before the coronavirus pandemic. They blamed AliExpress, the Chinese e-commerce giant, for failing to track their orders up to the final delivery point. A dissatisfied customer had told the media that the tracker stops giving you updates once AliExpress dispatches an order, most especially gadgets from the shop that it was bought from.

This customer said that he made several visits to NIPOST offices at the airport and Surulere in Lagos, where he had been repeatedly told that his order was never entered into their database. According to him, the logistics company that takes hold of the delivery from the online stall hands it over to customs. Then, Customs hands it over to the airport branch of the post office. They catalog it and enter it into their database, before transferring it to the branch closest to the person who made the order. Then lastly the customer receives a call from the post office branch.

The country’s postal service needs to be reformed.

However, this customer did not receive any call. “If the post office staff fails to enter an item into their database, there is no one who would know,” he said. Since AliExpress did not track deliveries once it had been handed over to the logistics firm, it was impossible to tell if the product even made it to Nigeria. This was an example of some of the issues that need to be fixed in the shipping and freight industry.

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