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Expert stresses need for data privacy ed.

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By Mercy Kelani

It involves preventing unauthorized parties from accessing personal data.

Oluwafemi Osho, a specialist in cyber security, is emphasizing the significance of educating the public on the importance of data privacy. He is calling for a widespread distribution of information on this topic to all sectors of the Nigerian society. During an interview on February 16, 2024, Osho stressed the significance of ensuring that every member of society is well-informed about the importance of data privacy, especially in relation to the Nigeria Data Protection Act (NDPA).

Protecting personal data involves preventing unauthorized parties from accessing it and giving individuals the ability to dictate who has permission to view their personal information. This task requires the careful oversight of handling sensitive data, including managing access, maintaining integrity, and ensuring security measures are in place to protect the information. This encompasses a range of responsibilities related to data protection. The cyber security specialist suggested that the government work with community leaders and influencers.

Data privacy ed. should be available and easy to comprehend for everyone.

This collaboration, according to him, will enhance the effectiveness of their awareness campaigns by making them more relatable and credible. Even with the various attempts to educate the public on data privacy, there appears to be a disconnect in effectively communicating with individuals who have little to no understanding of Information Technology (IT). Although IT and cyber security professionals demonstrate a strong grasp of the subject, the majority of the general population, particularly those lacking knowledge in digital literacy, are unaware of these important issues.

The contrast between levels of understanding emphasizes the importance of creating educational programs and projects that are tailored to closing the information divide. Making sure that data privacy education is available and easy to comprehend for everyone, no matter their level of IT knowledge. He emphasized the importance of adapting communication methods to reach a wider audience, which can lead to increased awareness of data privacy among the public and contribute to the development of a more privacy-focused community.

Teaming up with both the gov’t & private organizations could be helpful.

Osho proposed that the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) collaborate with more relevant stakeholders to increase the impact of its national awareness initiatives. He mentioned that the promotion strategies may utilize various channels such as TV, radio, social media, and more to reach a broader range of viewers. One way to increase awareness of data privacy among citizens is by integrating data privacy education into the educational system at multiple levels, starting from a young age.

Also, this will help the government in ensuring that individuals comprehend the significance of safeguarding their data. Organizing events such as workshops, seminars, and webinars are great ways to educate adults on important topics like internet safety and knowing their rights when it comes to data privacy. Osho also emphasized that teaming up with both the government and private organizations could broaden the impact and success of educating the public on the concept of data privacy.

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He believes that it is essential for companies, particularly in the technology and telecommunications sectors, to actively engage with their customers on the topic of data privacy through consistent communication efforts. In his statement, he mentioned various forms of communication platforms such as emails, data usage policy messages, and personal information protection tips. The government was advised by the cybersecurity expert to enlist the help of community leaders and influencers in spreading awareness in order to make the message more relatable and trustworthy.

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