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Elon Musk pays Nigerian content creators

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By Abraham Adekunle

Influencers who meet certain criteria benefit from ad-sharing payment.

Since billionaire entrepreneur and Space X CEO took over Twitter Inc., Elon Musk has been making a series of changes to the platform. Musk had initiated an acquisition of the social media company on April 14, 2022 and concluded it on October 27, 2022. Before that, he had begun buying shares in the company from January of the year, finally becoming its largest shareholder in April 2022 with a 9.1 percent ownership stake. Although this acquisition was controversial, the range of reactions that it elicited from people has not diminished the number of people using the platform.

One of the changes that he made after the takeover was downsizing the company by over 80 percent. According to sources, there were about 8,000 members of staff when he took over. But now, the number has been reduced to about 1,500. Many of the changes were made to the platform itself in terms of user interface and user experience. Many of the old features were modified, while new features were added. The tweet interface itself was made compact to accommodate more features. Character limit for text was increased, much more for premium subscribers.

Twitter Blue is the origin of ad-sharing on the platform.

About two months ago, Musk announced that Twitter would pay content creators for using the platform. The program started in the United States before expanding to the rest of the world. However, the origin of the feature was Twitter Blue. At the advent of Musk’s ownership, the series of changes led to some advertisers leaving the platform for others, such as Meta. To make up for the lost revenue, he came up with the idea of making people pay for premium access to Twitter. This was known as Twitter Blue.

It conflicted with the verification system of before where only notable people in certain fields were verified with a blue tick. When the program started, all and sundry tried to verify any handle for $8. A lot of these people were impersonating other well-known people. However, with proper administration, the traction died down and it is safe to say that things are now normal. So, days ago, the platform, which is now known as X, notified content creators in Nigeria that they have been paid. The payment, which started in the United States of America last month, saw Nigerian users display various sums received from the micro-blogging platform.

Eligible users met a number of criteria to be paid.

After successfully running the program for the first time in the United States, the company announced its extension to global users at the end of July. As such, verified users in Nigeria and other countries, who have met the threshold of impressions on their content, are now getting paid. Many of those who received their payout also took to the platform to show their appreciation to the owner. According to them, Musk has given them a reason to remain on the platform and to continue creating engaging content. This strategy by the X team is a way of incentivizing paying for the premium features. Many who had decided not to pay for the blue badge but continuously post content that gets good impressions will now be motivated to pay for the subscriptions, which costs about N7,200 per month.

To be eligible for payment, users must have been verified or subscribed to Twitter Blue to be eligible for payment. Also, creators must have at least five million impressions on their posts each month for the last three months. They are also expected to pass a human review for Creator Monetization Standards. Users are also expected to have at least 500 followers and a Stripe account for payment. Eligible users are able to join and set up payments from within the monetization section of the app.

Nigerian influencers create engaging conversations on this.

According to X, it might modify or cancel the Program at any time in its sole discretion, including for business, financial, or legal reasons. “X reserves the right to accept or revoke your participation in this ads revenue share program in its sole discretion, including for business, financial, or legal reasons. Please ensure you comply with the Ads Revenue Program Terms,” the company stated. Nigerian influencers, such as @47kasz, @the_lawrenz, @Solomon_Buchi, etc., have created conversations on this development. Even renowned Nigerian musician David Adeleke (Davido) @davido, joined the conversation humorously asking: “Where dem dey put the money?”

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