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Education, important for curbing GBV

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By Timothy Akintola

Mrs. Abimbola Fashola emphasizes support in the fight against GBV.

The prevalence of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is one issue that continues to plague the social fabric in the country and is suffered by both sexes, especially the women. These activities include harmful traditional practices like female gender mutilation, physical harm, Sexual Harassment and emotional abuse. Mrs. Abimbola Fashola, wife of Lagos State former Governor however pointed to the lack of formal and informal Education as a poignant factor for the indulgence in gender-based violence in the country. Hence, noting that the propagation of formal and informal education was crucial to salvaging this issue.

Mrs. Abimbola Fashola, President of the Nigeria’s Girl Guild Association of Nigeria during the commencement of the “16 days of activism” programme, a United Nations campaign against gender-based violence, emphasized the need for everyone to fight collaboratively against this menace, in ensuring a better social ambience for everyone. With this year’s theme for the World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scout (WAGGGS) called “Orange the World: End Violence Against Women Now”, Mrs. Abimbola averred that with education playing an important role in the advancement of every society, and thus, stressed that it creates a platform for self-actualization.

Equal treatment of young males and females pivotal for curbing GBV.

She reiterated her trust in acquiring Vocational Training and skill development and said that if the minds of youths could be geared towards this direction, vices would be immensely reduced. She added that the growing cases of Drug Abuse in the country had also increased the tendency for gender-based violence, admonishing adults to be patients with them and advise them towards turning a new leaf. She again noted that adults must be there for these youths bonding with them. She aired her displeasure for the growing cases of gender-based violence in the country, stating that it indicated that little was being done to address this menace.

Moving on, Mrs. Abimbola noted that it was important for everyone to fight collaboratively towards curbing this issue if everyone wanted to experience accelerated development. By asserting different measures to combat gender-based violence, she urged for equal treatment of young males and females in the homes. According to her, males must also be taught to run errands like females, with no incurred preferential treatment directed towards a gender. She urged parents to live up to their duties of treating all children fairly.

Deaconess Rhoda urged for attitudinal change among men.

Also, the Association’s Chief Commissioner, Deaconess Rhoda Thomas noted that violence was often trivialized. She stated that the global Culture of women discrimination permits the occurrence of violence with impunity. She also regarded the event as intensely pivotal due to its highlighting of the recurrent problem of violence against women. She indicated her happiness at the fact that the world was coming together to create awareness about gender-based violence. She then urged the government to improve the data system, in a bid to rewrite the Rape laws and ban corporal punishment.

Deaconess Rhoda pointed that the attitude that has trivialized the perpetuation and rationalization of violence and in safety activities against women must be challenged. She stated that men were truly the most perpetrators of gender-based violence and in order to curb this issue, there was a need for an attitudinal change. Monsignor Gabriel Amolegbe also admonished women to love and value themselves a lot more, as this would make it immensely difficult to cause them harm.

Collaborative efforts needed for to curb gender-based violence.

Oluwabukola Fagbemi, during her Vision Spring Initiative lecture, emphasized that a collaborative effort needed for an ultimate change and as such, every effort geared towards curbing gender-based violence must include everyone. She added that the government and other leaders must be immensely prepared and involved in this change process. Fagbemi averred that the inculcation of an all-encompassing sexuality education was a necessary measure for teaching young people about the anatomy of the body, relationship with each other and how mandatory consent is.


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