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E-Learning Passport to help Students

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By Dawn

Technology-based solutions provide students with equal opportunity to learn.

In Nigeria, more than 10 million children are out of school due to various challenges, one of which is access to quality learning. Disruption to Education by school attacks has meant millions of children have significantly missed out on learning they would have acquired if they had been in the classroom. The lack of access to quality education is a major problem in Nigeria, as it prevents children from acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.

The Learning Passport is a new initiative by the Nigerian government to provide access to quality education for all children in the country, regardless of whether they are in school or not. The Passport is an online, mobile, and soon-to-be offline platform that would allow continuous access to quality education, aimed to reach 3 million learners in 2022 and 12 million learners in the country by 2025.

Every child can have the opportunity to learn and succeed.

In an effort to provide children with greater access to educational resources, the Nigerian government has partnered with UNICEF to launch the Nigerian version of Microsoft’s Learning Passport. The passport will provide access to learning resources and courses for children, students, and teachers, both inside and outside of school.

The Learning Passport is an innovative new tool that provides simple, easy, fun, and tailored learning programs to meet the needs of every child. These learning options will help reach the most vulnerable and marginalized learners. The Learning Passport is a revolutionary new way to provide access to education for all children, regardless of their circumstances. With the Learning Passport, every child can have the opportunity to learn and succeed.

Digital teachers can be used when the teacher’s absent.

This Passport is an online resource that provides students and teachers with access to literature and videos on every topic in their syllabus. This resource helps to mitigate problems such as the shortage or high cost of books, insufficient teachers, Teacher absences, unqualified teachers, and distance issues in remote areas.

The education system needs to provide quality instruction. If teachers cannot provide this instruction themselves, they need to be able to find someone who can. Digital teachers can provide quality instruction and be available when the teacher is absent. This is an important role that digital teachers can play in the education system.

Alternate teachers can provide a different perspective.

Children today have access to a wealth of information at their fingertips, which means they can learn about any topic they choose without having to be in a traditional classroom setting. This can be a great way for students to learn at their own pace, since they can pause and rewind the lesson as needed. Additionally, watching an alternate teacher can provide a different perspective on the material, which can be beneficial for understanding complex concepts.

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