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Digital operations is vital in libraries

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By Abdulwasiu Usman

There is a need to revolutionize library access and resource usage.

Recognizing the extensive potential and widespread adoption of digital technologies across various fields, Yusuf Sununu, the Minister of State for Education pointed out the importance for libraries to actively participate in strategies and activities that would enable them to adjust and stay valuable in the rapidly changing landscape of the digital era. The minister said that it is vital to integrate digital operations into every ambitious and purposeful undertaking, highlighting the urgency to revolutionize library access and resource utilization as a prerequisite for this transformation.

Sununu stated this in Abuja, during the 14th induction and 10th Mandatory Conference of Certified Librarians in Nigeria, with the theme ‘Libraries in Digital Economy: Creating an Intelligent Society’. The minister who spoke at the event through his Special Assistant, Technical, Dr. Clarus Ujan, highlighted the relevance of the theme, emphasizing how digitization has become the prevailing trend of this era. Remaining relevant in today’s society necessitates adopting digital operations in any endeavour that aims for meaning and goal-aimed outcomes, he said.

Libraries should embrace new methods and strategies.

In order to adapt to the changing landscape brought about by the digital revolution, libraries should actively embrace new methods and strategies. It is also crucial to provide services that are tailored to support the societal shift towards digital transformation. This requires a significant departure from traditional approaches to accessing library resources and demands a smarter approach to packaging and delivering information. He affirms that the unwavering dedication of the Federal Ministry of Education towards creating a conducive environment will persist unyieldingly.

Moreover, the ministry is inclined to streamline and enable smooth functioning of affiliated departments and agencies, ultimately fostering the progress and advancement of the education sector in Nigeria. The minister expressed confidence that the council will persistently expand by delivering exceptional services to meet the desires and aspirations of all stakeholders, aligning with President Bola Tinubu’s administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda. The Library Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) has over the years, diligently monitored the sincere dedication displayed in Nigeria library and information science sphere via conferences and various capacity-building initiatives.

Only capable and accredited librarians become official members.

He strongly advocates for a courteous and professional approach in all personal and professional pursuits. The minister added that the Federal Ministry of Education is committed to ensuring the significant growth and progress of Nigeria’s education system. This will be achieved through the induction of a talented group of young professionals, which will undoubtedly bring forth an influx of innovative ideas and strategies in the near future. On his part, Jaáfaru Wase, the Registrar of the council, noted the council’s unwavering commitment to guaranteeing the employment of competent and certified librarians to oversee library operations.

The LRCN regards induction as a crucial obligation, aimed at guaranteeing that only capable librarians, hailing from esteemed and accredited educational institutions, become official members. In this regard, it is crucial for the council to uphold its benchmarks and strictly impose penalties on uncertified librarians who persist in holding professional roles. Wase pointed out the Federal Government’s decision to cease financial support for certain professional organisations’ councils by January 2024. This decision was made based on the recent resolution put forward by the Presidential Committee on Salaries.

It is imperative for libraries to embrace the digital age.

Embracing digital operations in libraries can also revolutionize access to information, paving the way for socio-economic development. These remarkable institutions are instrumental in achieving noble goals that foster human progress. It is imperative for libraries to completely embrace the digital age in order to rejuvenate their services and cater to the ever-evolving needs and expectations of the public. By embracing digital operations, not only will knowledge and information be more readily available, but the overall efficiency of library operations will also be greatly enhanced.

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3 months ago

Digital operations is vital in libraries. – There is a need to revolutionize library access and resource usage. – Express your point of view.

3 months ago

Embracing digital operations in libraries is crucial for Nigeria’s educational progress, aligning with the evolving global landscape. The Minister of State for Education’s emphasis on innovation and the commitment to competent librarians reflects a proactive approach to societal needs. The move away from traditional methods signals a necessary shift towards efficiency in information access. The impending changes in financial support for professional organizations highlight broader governmental considerations. Overall, integrating digital strategies is seen as imperative for Nigeria’s libraries to meet contemporary demands and contribute to socio-economic development.

3 months ago

Understanding that the State Minister for Education has placed a strong focus on digital operations in libraries shows a dedication to remaining relevant in the digital age. Adopting innovative techniques and approaches is consistent with the growing trend of digital transformation in society.

Adeoye Adegoke
3 months ago

Digital operations have become increasingly vital in libraries. It’s essential to revolutionize library access and resource usage by embracing technology. Digital platforms can provide wider access to information and resources, making them more convenient and accessible for everyone. This can lead to a more inclusive and efficient library experience. Plus, it opens up opportunities for innovative services like virtual libraries and online collaboration. Overall, I believe that leveraging digital operations in libraries is crucial for enhancing the user experience and keeping up with the evolving needs of the community. 📚💻

3 months ago

Using of technology in libraries is a great idea and nice move technology will help Improves things there and make it effective,easily and make it look updated because technology is what help things nowadays look more standard our library will be most standard with the help of technology