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Dele urges Govs to unite on resource control

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By Mercy Kelani

Arguments supporting states resource control have already been established.

Mr. Dele Alake stated that state governments and local governments have the right to levy various taxes like ground rent and others, but they should not impose royalty and mining tax. If this declaration holds, it will directly hinder the states’ capability to sustain their existing revenue from internally generated sources. The recent rulings of the Nigerian Supreme Court (SCN), on Internal Waterways and Elegushi land in Lagos State have further contributed to the ongoing constitutional conflicts. There is no necessity to reinvent what already exists. The arguments supporting states’ resource control have already been established.

Regrettably, Attah was nearly the sole advocate among the Governors during the period of 1999-2007. Tinubu, who was the Governor of Lagos at that time, chose to remain indifferent. Only Governor Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa and Ibori of Delta had the courage to challenge President Obasanjo, who strongly opposed the idea. Obasanjo, known for his unrelenting vindictiveness, ensured that Alams, Ibori, and Attah faced severe consequences for supporting the concept of genuine federalism, a cause that had long been championed by the progressive forces in the South-West.

Governors’ election was meant to prioritize their states’ interests.

It is quite ironic how, despite having a progressive leader in Nigeria, the concept of Resource Control is currently facing its most severe opposition. Dele Alake’s recent statement clearly contradicts the values that progressives have long advocated for. The current situation calls for urgent financial support from the FG to fulfill numerous commitments made by President Tinubu without considering the repercussions of fuel subsidy abolishment. One of those promises was a monthly allowance of ₦35,000 for workers, which was only paid in September.

Furthermore, it is imperative that governors, particularly those affiliated with APC, employ critical thinking and prevent their judgments from being clouded by partisan politics. Their election was meant to prioritize their states’ interests, not to jeopardize them by granting the federal government dominance over the waterways and mines. The Federal Government’s distance from environmental disasters affecting states with waterfronts and the lingering consequences of mining renders them unsolvable by centralized authorities. To grasp this perspective, one ought to explore cement manufacturing towns like Obajuwana, Ukpilla, and Ewekoro.

FG is currently engaged in discussions for a new Minimum Wage.

The neighbouring communities bear the brunt of cement production, alongside oil and gold mining, as major investors and the FG reap trillions of naira each year. Unfortunately, state governments find themselves limited in their ability to address these issues. Also, illegal miners including foreigners enjoy advantageous protection from bandits and kidnappers in Zamfara, whereas common citizens do not receive such privileges. APC Governors should abandon the notion that supporting other parties in this battle would be seen as disloyalty. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, Abia is currently governed by the Labour Party, Anambra by APGA, and Imo by the APC.

Interestingly, all three states are benefiting from the 13 percent derivation, which was hard-won by three former PDP Governors who stood against a ruthless PDP President. With the current dire financial circumstances experienced by states, any decrease in their IGR due to anti-federalist SCN rulings could potentially make certain states unmanageable. In addition, the FG is currently engaged in intense discussions for a fresh Minimum Wage bill that will inevitably place more significant financial responsibilities on states. Undoubtedly, at present, it would be detrimental for states to experience a loss of revenue from the FG.

Minimum Wage deliberation Committee has been set up by FG.

Additionally, the matter at hand necessitates the unified efforts of every Governor. Dele holds firm in his belief that had the state Governors collectively backed Attah, Alams, and Ibori in their pursuit, they could have attained a settlement of approximately 20 percent. Corrupt Federal Government officials have managed to fill their pockets with trillions of naira while the Governors, unfortunately, neglected to grasp the genuine aspirations of their respective states. The Minimum Wage deliberation Committee has been set up by the FG currently. However, there are two states on the Committee that are unwilling to comply with the existing ₦30,000 monthly rate. On the other hand, Organized Labour initially proposed ₦200,000 as its preferred Minimum Wage.

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Ask Nigeria
16 days ago

Dele urges Govs to unite on resource control. – Arguments supporting states resource control have already been established. – Express your point of view.

16 days ago

I understand the importance of unity among state governors in advocating for resource control. It’s crucial for them to prioritize the interests of their respective states and work together to address constitutional conflicts and financial challenges. Mr. Dele Alake’s call for unity resonates with the need for collective action to safeguard state resources and ensure sustainable development.

Adeoye Adegoke
16 days ago

I totally agree with Dele’s call for governors to unite on resource control. It’s important for states to have control over their resources as it promotes autonomy, accountability, and equitable development. When states have control over their resources, they can effectively manage and utilize them for the benefit of their citizens.
Resource control allows states to tap into their natural resources and harness their economic potential. This can lead to increased revenue generation, job creation, and overall economic growth. It also empowers states to address the specific needs and priorities of their communities, fostering local development and reducing dependency on central government allocations.
Furthermore, resource control encourages competition among states, driving innovation and efficiency in resource management. States can implement policies that align with their unique circumstances and goals, leading to tailored solutions and targeted development strategies. This can ultimately contribute to a more balanced and inclusive national development.
However, it’s important to strike a balance between state control and national interests. Collaboration and coordination between states and the federal government are crucial to ensure that resource control does not undermine the unity and stability of the country. Effective revenue sharing mechanisms and frameworks should be in place to ensure that all regions benefit from the nation’s resources.
In conclusion, I believe that states should have a degree of control over their resources as it promotes autonomy, economic growth, and localized development. By uniting on resource control, governors can work together towards a more prosperous and equitable Nigeria.

15 days ago

Dele calls on states to band together to control resources. Resources are controlled by the state, according to recognized arguments. State governors should unite on resource control, as Dele Alake has called for. State objectives must take precedence over party affinities and individual goals for our leaders.

15 days ago

State and local governments have the authority to impose different taxes, such as the environment living expenses their shouldn’t impose mining taxes this may help promote a more inclusive and balanced national Development in order to guarantee resource control, states and the federal government must work together and coordinate.