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Dangote Group repatriates $687 million

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By Mercy Kelani

It shows the confidence of the industrial group in Nigeria economic rebirth.

Recently, Dangote Industries, owned by Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, has repatriated $687 million on the signalling of confidence in Nigeria. The firm has encouraged scrutiny, and has implored that there is an investigation in the operations of its foreign exchange over the past ten years. This repatriation has the involvement of various Nigerian banks. As a multinational industrial group, Dangote Industries Limited ensured the successful repatriation of this large sum of money via multiple banks in Nigeria.

This massive capital repatriation vividly demonstrates the long-term commitment of Dangote Industries Limited to Nigeria. It also shows the confidence of the multinational industrial group in the economic rebirth of the country under the administrative leadership of the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This disclosure is according to a news publication on the richest people on the African continent, Billionaires Africa. The industrial group also announced its trust in Nigeria and the African continent as a whole.

All relevant authorities have been invited by the group.

Based a statement that was issued on Sunday, November 5, 2023, the company emphasized and denounced its being a “body-shop” investor as it stressed the integrity and authenticity it possesses in its investments. All relevant authorities have been invited by Dangote Industries Limited to ensure that the foreign exchange (FX) operations of the company over the last ten years are investigated. It was also stressed by the company to the authorities that any violations should be made public.

Also, the repatriation of $687 million constitutes $576,008,672.41 — that was sent via multiple banks in Nigeria — and $111,968,109.38 — that was used in a cash exchange transaction between the main firm of Dangote Group, Dangote Cement Plc, and Ethiopian Airlines. This division of the repatriation has shown the significant financial investment of Dangote Industries Limited in Nigeria. All foreign exchange acquisitions that were made to support Dangote Industries’ African Project Expansion were strongly defended by the multinational industrial group.

Projects supported by the firm are apparent to the public.

Founded and led by Aliko Dangote, the richest man across the African continent, the industrial group stated that the money that was repatriated was majorly used for the goals they were intended for. The group also asserted that the projects that are supported by the firm are apparent to the public. According to the disclosure of the conglomerate, it was said that many projects have had official openings by top government officials from the country.

Present at the official launch ceremonies were CEOs of prominent banks, presidents of the host nations, and industry giants. Also, Dangote Industries Limited stressed that there was a proper recording for the commissioning ceremonies of the projects, as well as extensive reports by regional and global media. In addition, it was stated that the existence of written and digital records is an evidence that the $687 million repatriation is carefully and openly used by the group.

In the Nigerian sugar market, Dangote is dominating.

According to the history of the firm, the Dangote Group was founded in 1981 as a small firm. However, today, the group is regarded as one of the largest conglomerates across Africa. The company has international operations in Benin, Zambia, Ghana and Togo, and has consequently advanced from being a trading company to being the largest industrial group across Nigeria. The group has divisions like Dangote Sugar Refinery, Dangote flour, and Dangote Cement. The group currently dominates the sugar market in the country.

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