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Crime rates in Nigeria increase continuously

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By Mercy Kelani

Youths lose interest in education to begin cybercrimes and thuggery.

Throughout campaigns for the 2023 General elections, there was peace, calm and safety in Nigeria. Rumours has it that it was so because of the sponsors of banditry, terrorism and other crimes were too busy with election campaigns. The peace and safety did not stay for so long as insecurity shook the country few weeks after the elections. Mostly young men of school age are the ones involved in these crimes. Education in the country has suffered degradation as many youths consider it a waste of money, time and resources.

Incessant strikes and many other challenges in higher institutions have made students resort to cybercrimes, kidnapping and internet fraud. It was also said that university lecturers are used by the government for perpetuation of electoral fraud. The network of criminality in Nigeria grows stronger as the days go by. Security of lives and property have been abandoned by several state governors to fate owing to incessant killings and lack of attention from the federal government. As a result, crime keeps taking new dimensions.

FG has failed to curb increasing criminal activities.

Existence of tribalism in the minds of Nigerian leaders has made them turn a blind eye to the conflicts, religious tension and religious intolerance ravaging the country. The high rates of crimes affect the wealthy and the poor equally as poor farmers and animals breeders suffer attacks from unknown gunmen. The current state of crime in the country was not predicted as the current APC-led administration at the federal level, before attaining office, promised to put an end to insurgency and banditry.

There has been a rising increase in young people’s involvement in cybercrimes, ritual killings, thuggery, money ritual, touting, celebration of evil criminal practices amongst others. These acts have shown the failure of the government in addressing banditry, terrorism, insurgency and the likes. Ransom kidnapping keeps becoming rampant and evolving into different southeastern Nigerian states. In some parts of the country, many Christians no longer attend church services for fear of being killed by unknown gunmen or terrorists.

Justice is not properly served in the Nigerian system.

Although crime happens in many parts of the world, it is more prevalent in Nigeria. Failure of the Nigerian government in tackling crime is evident in its inability to properly fight crimes, prosecute criminals and sentence them to prison through legal provisions. The protest against police brutality conducted by Nigerian youths in Lagos, October 2020, is regarded as an evidence that justice is not served appropriately. Security agents and the armed forces are seen as the most corrupt Nigerians. It is believed that the security apparatus in the country has been compromised.

Majority of Nigerians are in a helpless state as their emotional, physical, financial and mental health is affected by the current situation of the country. Organized crimes in Nigeria include human trafficking, hired assassins, rape, banditry, Fulani herdsmen attack, armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, and terrorism. In the South west geo-political zone, there was an establishment of a security body named ‘Amotekun’ to curb the several attacks of Fulani herdsmen while South east governors inaugurated ‘EbubeAgu’ and Eastern Security Network (ESN).

Nigerian leaders should be accountable for happenings in the country.

To put an end to criminal activities, Nigeria needs accountable and responsible leaders. Leadership is an honorary position that should positively influence the character, development, and behavior of people without implementing force and direct exercise of power. Being a leader is a task and not just mere title as there are many constituencies that require attention. Leadership is a role that requires critical re-evaluation, and as a leader, accountability is a necessity as it helps one tackle failures without blaming anyone.

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