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Creative Ministry, NESG partner on funding

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By Abiodun Okunloye

This collaboration will generate 20 million jobs by 2027, 100 billion in GDP.

Hannatu Musa Musawa, the minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy, announced plans for a strategic financing framework to boost Nigeria’s creative economy during a meeting in Abuja with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG). The goal is to generate 20 million jobs by 2027. Musawa announced that the ministry is fully prepared to collaborate with NESG on fundraising and skill development to help boost the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by up to ₦100 billion by 2030.

By harnessing NESG’s assistance and leveraging the private sector along with appropriate funding, he said he is confident in their ability to greatly contribute towards lifting Nigeria out of its current challenges. The Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy holds a special place in the hearts of Nigerians, showcasing their identity through various artistic forms such as music, films, and art. It is a sector that resonates with the people and deserves to be celebrated.

Destination 2030 will reshape Nigeria’s image on the world stage.

In light of the global interest in Nigerian content, there is a strong desire to tap into this opportunity. This has led to the development of a transformative project called Destination 2030, aimed at reshaping Nigeria’s image on the world stage. The focus is on repositioning the country for a brighter future. The government is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that promotes economic growth and attracts private investment in order to elevate Nigeria’s cultural impact on a global scale and foster unity among Nigerians in all endeavours.

It is essential for the administration to demonstrate that the ecosystem is capable of generating real value. It involves more than just supporting creatives through investments; there must also be evidence of value return extending to the very foundation of the community. According to Musawa, it is crucial to secure funding for their programs, and he is eager to showcase a variety of these projects to the public in order to explore potential sources of financial support.

A National Policy aimed at promoting the sector is needed.

On his part, Dr. Ikenna Nwosu, who is the NESG facilitator who focuses on tourism, hospitality, entertainment, creative economy, and sports, announced that they are ready to offer technical support to the ministry in order to help secure funding for the initiative to enhance the country. Nwosu also mentioned the group’s willingness to work with the ministry in updating the National Policy on the Creative Industry and to provide training for the ministry staff in improving data collection methods.

They uncovered the ministry’s absence of a National Policy on Creative Economy. Additionally, they found that an updated National Policy on Culture has not been implemented despite the existing one dating back to 1988. Moreover, there is a lack of a National Policy aimed at promoting the sector. He pointed out that while the government has provided incentives for sectors such as gas and telecommunication to develop initiatives and train professionals, while the creative economy sector has been overlooked.

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Nwosu has committed to providing backing to the ministry in order to help them fulfil their objectives. The NESG has concluded that they will provide the minister with all the human resources, technical knowledge, and support from development partners necessary for her success. She can request anything from them without constraint, and they are prepared to assist around the clock as they have promised to do so. He mentioned that they have shown it, and they will keep showing it.

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