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Cosmopolitan Uni. introduces drug policy

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By Mercy Kelani

Integration of innovation & entrepreneurship is the vision of the uni.

A policy for routine drug test on students has been called for by Cosmopolitan University before and after their acceptance into higher institutions in Nigeria. Dr. Mani Ibrahim, the Registrar of Cosmopolitan University, announced this information in Abuja during the Open House program of the university, stating that the program will assure the students mental health. Among the 36 newly licensed private universities by the National Universities Commission in Nigeria, this University is one of them. The Registrar stated that the university prioritizes the safety of the students.

Ibrahim said that the university has developed good surveillance systems within the school to watch the activities and conducts of students. He added that the policy will correct and prevent immoral activities in the society. According to the Registrar, the University is developing a drug policy that will permit all students gaining admission into the university to undergo drug screening. Also, the university is planning to collaborate with the community and parents to guarantee a drug-free society. Prof. Carl Adams, The Vice-Chancellor of the Institution, stated that integration of innovation and entrepreneurship is the vision of the university.

Students will be at the forefront of technological thinking.

This integration will encourage partnerships between academic organizations, innovators, professions and businesses. In addition, students would be sectioned in industry, business and academic, and be regarded as future leaders. He added that the university provides top quality learning activity for the students as the suitable avenue for learning which will support the students in being the best version of themselves, without compromising quality. Also, the university is working towards gaining and attaining international expertise and international footprint in education, across the world.

Furthermore, the VC stated that the university is keen on providing International good quality educational experience for students instead of sending students to New York, Berlin or London to acquire this experience. The university aims to equip the students, by developing them in Nigeria, while building them to be leaders in Nigeria and across the world. He said that another significant objective of this university is to ensure that students are at the forefront of technological thinking through engagement with technology and not only as observers.

On September 16th, the university will begin academic activities.

In the statement of the professor, the university will engage the students with technological thinking so that they are able to evaluate, analyse and understand technology and apply it to real life challenges. There would also be partnerships with foreign and local businesses to develop the potential of students in Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in businesses and research. The vice chancellor of Cosmopolitan University said that the recruitment of staff is done according to the university’s decision to choose lecturers from International and local sources.

According to the cosmopolitan University, the policy for the employment of staff relies on the employee’s expertise in various levels. The university requires good and motivated staff that are passionate enough to push learning forward. Also, knowledgeable staff who are professional in their fields with research and professional practice are employed to further drive their development in the institution. The university in Abuja, Cosmopolitan University, said that academic activities will start on September 16th, with three faculties and 16 programmes.

Founder of Iyatech laboratories owns the college.

The programmes run by Cosmopolitan University are Criminology and Security Studies, International Relations, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business Administration and Accounting. Others are Software Engineering, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Public Health, Nursing Science, Health Information Systems. Also, there are programmes like Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering on the list. This university is owned by the founder of Iyatech Laboratories, USA — an innovative Research and Development company which focuses on developing and commercializing eco-chemical technologies — Prof. Ibrahim Katampe.

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