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Corrupt Civil Servants will be apprehended

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By Okunloye Abiodun

New FCSC boss vow to hold accountable those who tarnish the service reputation.

Professor Tunji Olaopa, the newly appointed Chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC), emphasised that his main objective is to hold accountable those individuals who tarnish the reputation of the service through corruption. In a press briefing held at the State House in Abuja, Olaopa revealed his commitment to this cause following his inauguration alongside 11 other Commission members. Prior to the scheduled Federal Executive Council (FEC) gathering, the oath of office was duly administered by President Bola Tinubu to both the FCSC members and the esteemed Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC).

Inquisitive journalists sought Olaopa’s stance on addressing the distressing issue of corruption within the civil service. The former federal Permanent Secretary expressed his deep concern over the matter and emphasised his forthcoming collaboration with security and law enforcement agencies to restore the tarnished reputation of the service. He acknowledged the disturbing nature of these reports and cases. The Civil Service Commission was established with the noble aim of upholding integrity. Since its inception, it has been synonymous with excellence. The pioneers who laid its foundation built a legacy that still resonates.

Support will be given to the governments to implement its policies.

He is greatly disturbed by the negative perception surrounding the commission’s practices, with a determination to take all necessary measures alongside select intelligence and security agencies to lay hold on a few individuals to create a fresh identity for the Service Commission. This task will be their top priority, and each member shall devote themselves to reinstating the cherished principles and institutional values within Nigerian public service. The administration’s inclusion of the Civil Service into the Renewed Hope Agenda is evident through the task assigned to them.

It is incumbent upon all stakeholders, even the Office of the Head of Service, to work together and acknowledge that the Civil Service is facing challenges that require a strategic repositioning. It is crucial for them to enhance their readiness and capabilities, embrace technological advancements, and reintroduce professionalism and competency-focused human resource management. It is essential to shift this Civil Service to a favourable position that enables them to actively support governments in effectively implementing their policies and goals, an objective they are primed and ready to achieve.

Utmost honesty and reliability will be showcased by the service.

According to him, the Civil Service Commission has expressed its desire to revamp and redefine itself. They aim to rebrand the commission into one that showcases the utmost honesty and reliability in the Civil Service domain. Furthermore, the commission aspires to become a platform that consistently upholds the revered principles of public service across all its endeavours. In an interaction with journalists, Dr Musa Aliyu, the newly appointed ICPC Chairman, expressed his determination to lead the Commission through his personal actions while also striving to achieve the goals set by the Tinubu administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

Having solemnly pledged to uphold the responsibilities of his position, he will faithfully adhere to the obligations outlined in the ICPC Act, supporting the President’s Renewed Hope Agenda. Ensuring both Nigerians and the President that he will set a commendable example, he commits to maintaining high standards and unwaveringly abiding by the oath taken upon assuming office. Prior to the inauguration of the new members, the recently selected ICPC Chairman held the position of Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Jigawa State from 2019 to 2023, as stated in a reference quoted by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale.

More representatives from different states were also sworn in.

Olaopa, the newly appointed Chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission, hails from Oyo State with a rich academic background and prior experience as a Permanent Secretary in five ministries. Other sworn in for the FCSC are Dr. Daudu Jalo, representing Adamawa, Gombe, and Taraba, as well as Gekpe Isu, who represents Akwa Ibom and Cross River. Rufus Godwins (Rivers, Delta and Bayelsa), Dr. Adamu Hussein ( Niger and the FCT) Chamberlain Nwele (Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu), and Aminu Nabegu (Jigawa and Kano). Others are Shehu Aliyu (Kebbi, Sokoto, and Zamfara), Odekunle Aduke (Kogi and Kwara), Jide Jimoh (Lagos and Ogun), Hindatu Abdullahi (Kaduna and Katsina), and Dr. Festus Oyebade (Osun and Oyo).

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2 months ago

Corrupt Civil Servants will be apprehended. – New FCSC boss vow to hold accountable those who tarnish the service reputation. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

It’s reassuring to see Professor Tunji Olaopa’s commitment to addressing corruption in the civil service. The focus on collaboration with security agencies and a dedication to repositioning the Civil Service aligns with the Renewed Hope Agenda. The diverse representation of FCSC members from different states reflects a collective effort to uphold principles of honesty and reliability in public service, providing hope for positive change.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

It’s truly encouraging to hear that the new FCSC boss is determined to take a strong stance against corrupt civil servants. Corruption within the civil service can have far-reaching negative consequences, including eroding public trust, hindering development, and perpetuating inequality.
By vowing to hold accountable those who tarnish the service’s reputation, the new FCSC boss is sending a powerful message that corruption will not be tolerated. This commitment is crucial in promoting transparency, fairness, and efficiency within the civil service.
Apprehending corrupt civil servants is a necessary step towards ensuring that public resources are utilized for the benefit of the people and that services are delivered effectively. It sends a clear message that corruption will not go unpunished and serves as a deterrent to those who may be tempted to engage in corrupt practices.
However, it’s important to note that apprehending corrupt civil servants is just one part of the equation. It should be accompanied by comprehensive measures to prevent corruption, such as enhancing transparency, implementing robust accountability mechanisms, and promoting a culture of integrity within the civil service.
Ultimately, the commitment of the new FCSC boss to hold accountable those who tarnish the service’s reputation is a positive step towards combating corruption within the civil service. It is my hope that this commitment translates into concrete actions and contributes to building a more transparent, accountable, and efficient civil service for the benefit of all Nigerians. 🌟🔒🚫

2 months ago

The new FCSC head is taking a hard stand against corruption with his promise to capture those who damage the service’s image. We can rebuild public confidence in the system and advance an accountable culture by acting decisively against dishonest people.

2 months ago

Civil servants found to be corrupt will be arrested. The new head of FCSC promises to hold people responsible for damaging the service’s reputation.Nigerian corruption is extremely pervasive. We must approach it with all of our diligence. Dealings should be taken with civil workers who participate in corrupt activities as well.Fighting corruption in the civil service will be aided by the new FCSC head’s pledge to hold those who damage the service’s reputation accountable.