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Combating insecurity in Nigerian forests

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By Mercy Kelani

President Tinubu will strengthen the NIA, Civil Defence, Air Force and the army.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) announced that high Technology will be deployed by President Bola Tinubu to combat Banditry which has been a danger to some forests in the nation. Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, the National Chairman of the party, divulged this information when he welcomed a delegation of the North Central APC Elders Forum chaired by General Lawrence Onoja (retd), a former Military Governor of Katsina and Plateau states. Ganduje said, while addressing the delegation, that President Tinubu has initiated the tech.

This issue is pertaining to Insecurity and the management of Security in the nation, particularly the nation’s forests that bandit have made to become their cities. He said that President Bola Tinubu is totally aware of the situation. In addition, President Tinubu is prepared to strengthen the NIA, Civil Defence, the DSS, the Navy, Air Force, and the army. He added that the president is rejigging the administrations to ascertain that the country conquers and defeats insecurity. Also, there would be an effective management of Nigeria’s diversity by the president.

In managing diversities, President Tinubu is experienced.

Ganduje stated that the president’s policy, in his administration, would create appointments in all parts of the federation. He mentioned that one of the good examples of diversity and unity is the North Central geopolitical zone, and also, the President is an expert in the management of diversities through the evaluation of the structure of his cabinet during his tenure as the governor of Lagos State. Issues of tribalism, ethnicity, and Religion are put aside from his administration as he is said to be leading by example — he is a Muslim while his wife is a pastor.

Therefore, he is an example of equality and an expertise, as long as management of diversity as is concerned. Ganduje assured the public that Tinubu’s administration has taken all necessary steps to ensure that every ethnic nationalities are recognized in the operation or management of Nigeria. He added that the President needed to be praised for the appointment of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation from the North Central zone. The SGF is regarded as the focal person in the appointment in agencies.

Internal democracy should be strengthened & deepened.

Furthermore, different support groups will be hosted, and be given a big share of the distribution. Gen. Onoja, who expressed his happiness on the emergence of the national chairman, Ganduje, implored Ganduje to strengthen and deepen the internal democracy of the party by introducing his wealth and wisdom of experience to unite the party. He added that this policy will create a special Peace and reconciliation committee of trusted men and women at the state and national levels with strategies to recognize challenges in the party which will reconcile the differences at all levels.

Onoja asked for, on a particular requests of the zone, additional designation of the people into the boards of agencies and the initiation of a development commission for the zone. He said that the administration should remember the agencies with major appointments in Agencies, Commissions and Parastatals, Commissions and Federal boards, in accordance with the Federal character principle. The most prolonged state of insecurity has been witnessed by the North Central zone in the fourth republic. This experience comes in form of banditry and terrorist attacks.

Coordination of human potentials is necessary for national development.

Consequently, the effects of these attacks are felt on Education, Food Security, social activities and others. He requested that Ganduje uses his office to foster development of new policies that will counter insecurity in the nation. Additionally, the home of solid Mineral deposits and the food basket of the nation is the North Central zone. Also, North East Development Commission, in North East, and NDDC, in the South, are needed as development agencies. Also, coordination of human potentials, educational potentials, tourism and rich Agriculture are required for the benefit of national development.


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