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Climate change issue in election campaign

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By Usman Oladimeji

Expert claims climate change is under-represented in 2023 election campaigns.

A non-governmental organization, Global Initiative for Food Security and Preservation (GIFSEP), has called on Nigerians to only vote for a candidate with a Climate Action plan in the coming 2023 election as the group expressed worries that Climate Change issues are under-represented in the election campaigns so far. Mr David Terungwa, Executive Director and Team Lead of the GIFSEP, who disclosed this in his statements to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, highlighted some reasons Nigerians should vote for a candidate that is climate change issue awarded.

Terungwa, a climate change expert and an activist for Climate Justice Coalition, asserts that climate change is crucial to sustain and uphold democracy and Sustainable Development, as it poses a lifetime crisis. He said climate change is a significant challenge that is defining the issue of the world and can not be left in the hand of climate denial. He, again, urged Nigerians to get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and look beyond empty campaign promises to determine the candidate they cast their vote for.

Current climate crisis would worsen if prompt action is not taken.

According to him, the whole country is affected by the challenges caused by climate change, and the country is still vulnerable to the challenges; noting the reason he encourages Nigerians not to seek any kind of inducement in order to vote for candidates that understand climate change issues and have a climate action plan. Terungwa called attention to the recent floods, which claimed the lives of more than 600 Nigerians, displaced millions of people and washed away hundreds of farms and farmlands across the country.

In addition, Terungwa warned that the severity of the current Climate Crisis would only worsen if prompt action is not taken to reverse the trend of worsening conditions and replace it with a strategy based on increased Climate Resilience. He continued by saying that Nigerians should vote for climate change because of the dire consequences of inaction. The organization’s executive director said that an assessment of political party platforms had been completed, with the findings being placed on the vote for a climate webpage.

Nigeria need new administration that recognize green economy opportunity.

He went on to say that Nigeria needs a president who would take an active role in combating climate change and investing in renewables. Terungwa said the move is necessary as the nation embarks on an energy transition plan and Sustainable Energy push and that it must be accompanied by an increase in government Investment in critical environmental initiatives. Including but not limited to clean public transportation expansion, biodiversity protection measures, and investments in Renewable Energy.

Furthermore, he stressed the crucial significance of increasing investment by pointing out that it would minimize the massive economic and social costs. According to him, Nigeria needs a leader who can create a new administration that recognizes the enormous opportunity presented by investing in a green Economy to increase the number of job vacancies, teach people valuable new skills, and make the country more resilient to the effects of climate change. He argues that the government needs to carry out initiatives such as making Nigeria coal-free and putting a stop to gas flaring.

The course of action would result to more access to nature, others.

Terungwa has stated that these initiatives are detrimental to the climate and the environment, and he has urged Nigerians once again to vote for the party that has the willpower and resolve to halt such harmful endeavours. He also emphasized the need to swiftly eliminate them and help affected employees find other careers in more sustainable fields like renewable energy. As he pointed out in his remarks, “a vote for the environment is for food security”. He claimed that this course of action would result in improved flood management, more access to nature, higher levels of happiness and social equality, and fewer economic disparities.


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