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Christmas celebration: A Nigerian perspective

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By Abraham Adekunle

Different worldview shapes the celebration during this festive period.

In developed nations, the commemoration of Christmas is distinguished by a fusion of customary rituals and contemporary revelries. It is commonplace for families to gather, exchanging presents, indulging in a jovial feast, and embellishing their residences with grand Christmas trees, bedecked in ornate lights and decorations. During the holiday season, numerous households find joy not only in the religious implications of Christmas but also in forging precious recollections and relishing the presence of dear ones. In these nations, metropolitan areas and commercial establishments metamorphose into magical winter realms, adorned with splendid luminescent exhibitions, mirthful melodies, and appearances by the beloved figure of Santa Claus. The commercial aspect of Christmas is evident with the bustling activity of shoppers seeking the perfect gift, and retailers offering special discounts and promotions to capitalize on the festive spirit.

Additionally, the progress in technology has revolutionized the way Christmas is celebrated in affluent nations. Video calls and social media platforms now allow geographically separated families and friends to come together and experience the festive spirit virtually. Moreover, sophisticated home automation devices are frequently employed to create extravagant light shows that synchronize with music, adding a modern and inventive twist to customary ornaments. Moreover, the widespread adoption of e-commerce has made gift-giving more convenient, with digital greeting cards emerging as a trendy substitute for their traditional paper counterparts. Although the essence of Christmas remains deeply anchored in age-old customs, the impact of technology and the ever-evolving cultural milieu play a significant role in shaping a diverse and vibrant celebration in developed countries.

Bringing of families together is seen as a norm.

But in Nigeria, Christmas festivities are deeply influenced by the Nigerian perspective on celebrating. Although people may be aware of the holiday, their curiosity is limited to its name. Their true fascination lies in the joyous experiences it offers. Nigerians, known for their industriousness, dedicate most of their regular days to work or recovering from it. Upon the arrival of this specific timeframe, individuals eagerly seize the chance to engage in activities that have been persistently withheld from them. Essentially, these activities had remained inaccessible due to the absence of alternatives.

One of the activities involves bringing together various families, often including extended family members. Within Nigerian society, there are distinct cultures that stress the importance of acknowledging the extended family. Hence, Nigerian individuals from Gen Z have expressed their experiences of encountering unfamiliar faces and being uncertain about their familial connections. Nonetheless, this period offers a chance for grandparents to reunite with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who may have been absent due to work or school obligations. Alternatively, it is also possible that family members have experienced geographical separation.

Music and food become unrestricted at this period.

Nigerians have discovered an alternative and significant method to commemorate this occasion, which revolves around indulging in a grand feast. While on regular days, food might be considered a luxury by certain families, with specific items even being off-limits due to age restrictions. It is not uncommon for families to limit food portions in order to instill the value of contentment. However, all these constraints and limitations are cast aside when this period finally dawns upon them. Young children now have the opportunity to consume unlimited servings during a festive occasion. A designated day is typically set aside for this joyful event, which involves inviting loved ones and friends to partake in the merriment.

The customary revelry is often accompanied by boisterous tunes – melodies so deafening it would undoubtedly provoke immense surprise. Nevertheless, individuals presently enjoy a certain degree of liberty to lease powerful sound systems and reverberate music into the hearing of all. The musical repertoire usually encompasses a diverse amalgamation of well-liked genres and artists, ensuring satisfaction for everyone. The selection comprises engaging tracks by contemporary hip-hop musicians catering to the youthful, such as Wizkid and Burna Boy, and extending to venerable composers like Ebenezer Obey, whose melodies are regarded as timeless.

Nollywood releases movies without Christmas themes.

Finally, during this period, a number of Nigerians embrace a customary practice of exploring various destinations. This could involve venturing into parks, watching films at the theatres, or simply embarking on shopping trips to the supermarket solely for the sake of celebrating. During the festive season, Nollywood in Nigeria showcases exclusive movie releases that diverge from the conventional Christmas-themed plots commonly associated with Hollywood. Nigerian films unveiled during Christmastime incorporate diverse storylines, themes, and even visual aesthetics unrelated to the holiday season. Consequently, this unique approach captivates the Nigerian audience, resulting in packed cinemas throughout this time of year. It is no surprise that during other periods of the year, the cinemas are consistently empty in contrast.

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2 months ago

Christmas celebration: A Nigerian perspective.Different worldview shapes the celebration during this festive period. Express your point of view.

2 months ago

Christmas day is a day that people celebrate with the family and pray it is a joyful day which bring love and peace among people and celebrate together different kind of food and drink are use to celebrate it is such a remarkable day of celebration and people celebrate it differently in a way they see fit

2 months ago

Christmas is a great festival time that people coming together and celebrate it is celebrate in different style depends on how people want to celebrate in their way music and food are available to enjoy themselves

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

Christmas celebrations in Nigeria are shaped by our unique worldview, culture, and traditions. It’s fascinating to see how our diverse perspectives come together to create a vibrant and joyous festive period.
From a Nigerian perspective, Christmas is not just a religious holiday but also a time for cultural expression and community bonding. Our worldview emphasizes the importance of family, unity, and spreading love and joy to others. During this festive period, these values are amplified and celebrated in various ways.
One aspect that stands out in Nigerian Christmas celebrations is the emphasis on hospitality. Nigerians are known for their warm and welcoming nature, and this is particularly evident during Christmas. Families open their doors to relatives, friends, and even strangers, ensuring that no one is left alone during this special time. It’s a beautiful expression of our collective spirit and generosity.
Another unique aspect is the blending of traditional and modern elements in our celebrations. We infuse our cultural heritage into the festivities, incorporating traditional music, dances, and attire. At the same time, we embrace modern influences, such as decorating homes with colorful lights, exchanging gifts, and enjoying contemporary music. This fusion of tradition and modernity adds an exciting dimension to our Christmas celebrations.
Food is an integral part of Nigerian Christmas celebrations. We prepare an array of mouthwatering dishes, including jollof rice, fried rice, moi moi, and assorted meats. These culinary delights reflect our rich and diverse culinary heritage, and sharing meals with loved ones is a cherished tradition that brings us closer together.
In conclusion, Nigerian Christmas celebrations are a beautiful reflection of our worldview, cultural richness, and spirit of unity. It’s a time when we come together as a community, embrace our traditions, and share love and joy with one another. Let’s celebrate this festive period with open hearts and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! 🎄🎉🥳