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Chinese govt. promotes Nigerian agriculture

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By Mercy Kelani

Nigeria has huge potential for agricultural development but lacks required tech.

On December 6, 2022, the Chinese Government offered the Nigerian Government a China-aid Nigeria Agricultural Demonstration Center project that is worth RMB 44,100,000 which is equal to 2.8 billion Naira. This offer is China’s contribution to the subsequent development of the Nigerian agricultural sector. The Donation of this project was done by the Ministry of Commerce, China and presented to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Nigeria. The demonstration center will aid the provision of opportunities to farmers and government officials, and strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

According to the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Cui Jianchun, who was responsible for the handing over of the project noted that through the project, the Chinese Government aims at helping Nigeria in the development of a modernized agricultural sector. It was stated that although Nigeria possesses great potential for agricultural development, its achievement requires machines, Technology and others. The project is believed to be essential for the growth of Nigeria and the whole African continent at large.

Chinese govt. work with Nigerian military sectors to improve security.

Cui included that the Chinese Government is deeply interested in the development of the electricity, Security and agricultural sectors in Nigeria with main focus on the Nigerian security sector. He noted that the Chinese Government has started working with the law enforcement in Nigeria and the Nigerian military sectors to figure out ways to enable improvement in current security situations. They have ensured achievements in ICT, investment, infrastructure, industry and the import Export from the Ogun State and Lagos foreign Trade zone.

The Chinese Ambassador asserts that in July, he made a presentation of a strategy titled “the Nigeria-China 5G GDP strategy which has now developed into 5g – political and economic operation, international affairs coordination, military and security collaboration and people to people communication. Also, China has industrial parks and trade zones in Ogun, Lagos and Edo States which has provided vital results to Nigerians and has further deepened and broadened the cooperation between both countries – China and Nigeria.

China elevated over 700 million Chinese from poverty.

In addition, in 2021, China was able to achieve a step of its centenary goal which has to do with the eradication of Extreme Poverty and developing a sensibly prosperous society; this achievement motivates China towards supporting Nigeria in putting an end to Poverty. While there are about 200 million people in Nigeria living below the poverty line, China was able to elevate over 700 million people out of poverty in China. The goal of eradicating poverty in Nigeria is one of the reasons for the agricultural project.

Mrs. Fatima Sheji, Chief Planning officer of International Cooperation department, representing Prince Clement Agba, Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, showed gratitude on behalf of the Nigerian government for the great project stating that it is a period when the current of Nigeria administration is working towards improvement of Nigeria’s agricultural capacity to meet up with international standards. Local farmers would also acquire skills at the demonstration center that will help maintain modern agricultural production technology.

The project provides self-employment for Nigerians.

The demonstration center project has its location at CGCOC Agricultural High-Tech Abuja Industrial Park in Bwari District Abuja which includes Agricultural Technology Research and Service Center, Small Scale Agro-Processing Technology Exhibition Center, Photovoltaic Pump Water-saving Irrigation System, Agricultural Technology Training Center, an Agro-Input and Machinery Exhibition, Power Center, Farmland Demonstration Center Area by the dam and access road. The project will train youth and women on agriculture processing and multiplying roots and tuber crops and boost the Nigerian agricultural sector, providing self-employment and Infrastructure development.


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