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Chinese businessman murders Nigerian GF

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By Mercy Kelani

Sentenced to death, he has 90 days to file an appeal against the judgment.

In 2022, a Chinese businessman was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend, Ummu Kulthum Sani, by a Nigerian court and has been sentenced to death as a result. She was found in her room, multiple stab wounds inflicted upon her, revealing the brutal attack carried out by Frank Geng Quarong. The tragic death of the young university student at 22 years old was a source of dismay for the people of Nigeria, prompting widespread attention to the case. It is uncommon for death sentences to be executed in Nigeria. Quarong has a 90-day window to file an appeal against the judgment.

Furthermore, in a statement representing the family, the victim’s brother, Sadiq Sani, expressed approval of the court’s decision to sentence the perpetrator to death by hanging in Kano, stating that it was a just outcome. He firmly believed that those who take a life should face the same punishment in return. He expressed gratitude to God for allowing them to see this day and expressed a heartfelt wish for his sister’s soul to remain in eternal peace, as he shared with the BBC.

Their relationship had hit a rough patch before the incident.

To her family, the young agriculture student is fondly remembered as someone who was both warm-hearted and cheerful. Mr. Sani revealed that Quarong, who is 49 years old, had started dating Ms. Sani in 2020 after they crossed paths at a shopping mall. He found himself employed by a textiles company based in Nigeria, working in the rural countryside. Ahmad Abdullahi, a close family friend, provided a brief account of the events following the tragic incident in September 2022.

As he arrived at the family residence, he couldn’t help but notice the large crowd that had gathered in front of the house. It was at that moment that the realization dawned upon them – something terrible had occurred. Geng, her boyfriend, had always gotten along well with her family until that fateful day. Their relationship had hit a rough patch before the incident, with her growing disinterest and his reluctance to move on causing tension between them. Neighbours claim to have heard loud knocks on the gate of the Sani family home on the night of the murder, supposedly made by Quarong.

Over 3,400 individuals are awaiting execution in Nigeria.

After Ms. Sani’s mother unlocked the gate, he swiftly pushed past her and made a beeline for Ms. Sani’s room, securing the door from within. The family was drawn by the sound of her frantic shouts and cries, only to find that she had already been stabbed multiple times before anyone could intervene. She passed away at the hospital a short time later. As of now, there are over 3,400 individuals awaiting execution in Nigeria and the most recent instance of capital punishment occurred in 2012.

Violence against women is a widespread issue in Nigeria, much like it is in other regions of Africa. In Nigeria, there is a prevalent cultural acceptance of physically disciplining women as a means of punishment. Domestic violence remains a significant problem with increasing cases reported across different age groups, ethnicities, religions, and social classes in Nigeria. According to the CLEEN Foundation, statistics show that there has been a significant rise in domestic violence cases in Nigeria over the past few years. In a survey conducted, 1 in every 3 respondents admitted to experiencing domestic violence, marking an alarming increase from 21% in 2011 to 30% in 2013. The findings of the foundation’s 2012 National Crime and Safety Survey further revealed that a striking 31% of the national sample reported being victims of domestic violence.

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Domestic violence in Nigeria is a serious issue, with many women experiencing various forms of abuse such as battery, torture, and rape, often resulting in tragic deaths. Shockingly, statistics show that about one in three women fall victim to domestic violence and Intimate Partner Violence at the hands of their supposed loved ones who are meant to care for and protect them. Many individuals choose to remain silent about their rights being violated due to apathy, lack of empathy, and unsupportive reactions from those closest to them and the community. This silence only allows the threat to grow stronger.

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