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CBN to mandate cash hubs in Nigeria

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Stability and protection from risk are the key points for cash management.

The key objective of setting up Bank Neutral Cash Hubs (BNCH) is to improve the efficiency in the cash management process for both banks and merchants. By providing a safe and secure environment for the handling and exchange of cash, the (BNCH) is expected to reduce the risks and cost borne by banks and merchants. This will create a more efficient and cost effective cash management system for businesses of all sizes.

There is a need to deepen financial inclusion in order to harness the full potential of the Economy. This is because when people have access to financial services, they are able to save money, borrow money, and make payments. This, in turn, helps to boost Economic Growth. Additionally, leveraging on shared services can help to enhance cash management efficiency.

Dangers of money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has previously addressed all financial institutions about compliance with CBN regulations, stating that individuals and businesses with high volumes of cash must deposits through authorized channels only. Individuals and businesses who do not comply with this mandate may face penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

The CBN has also warned all financial institutions about the dangers of Money Laundering and terrorist financing. Financial institutions that are found to be complicit in money laundering or terrorist financing activities may face severe penalties, including revocation of their licenses.

Included are employment provisions and consumer protection.

The new plan signals a change of direction for the CBN and the guidelines set in this agreement ensures high standards are to be followed. Included in the document are provisions regulating the offered services, locations and responsibilities. Also included are employment provisions and Consumer Protection, this document appears to be well conceived.

Cash can be securely moved as and when needed in accordance with the revised guidelines for the registration of cash in transit (CIT). These revised guidelines were put into place by BNCH to ensure the safety and Security of cash during transit. They are in line with the best practices and recommendations of the global cash in transit community.

Implementing security measures to protect funds.

In order to comply with the CBN Cashless Policy and CBN Consumer Protection Regulations, BNCHs are expected to adhere to the following guidelines in the course of their operations. These requirements include implementing security measures to protect customer information and funds, providing customers with clear and concise information about their rights and responsibilities, and ensuring that all transactions are conducted in a transparent and fair manner. BNCHs are also expected to provide customers with customer service that is responsive and respectful.


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