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CAS lauds FG for acquiring over 70 aircraft

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By Abiodun Okunloye

This will boost training and combat preparedness for the country's security.

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, has applauded the commitment of the Federal Government towards increasing the operational capability of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF). This comes as a result of the government’s acquisition of more than 70 new aircrafts for the purpose of boosting training and combat preparedness. During his meeting with Air Officers Commanding, Field Commanders, Branch Chiefs, and Commandants, which took place on Thursday in Abuja, the CAS made the remarks.

It is inspiring to see that the government has invested in the NAF by purchasing 70 new aircraft since 2015. They will also be receiving possession of new platforms in the next months, which will allow them to increase their capabilities in terms of air power employment and projection, along with air combat training. Without a doubt, these acquisitions are obvious proof that the Federal Government is prepared to take the lead in addressing national and regional threats to peace and security.

70 percent average serviceability condition is maintained.

In addition, efforts have been made to improve the platform’s serviceability. As a result of these efforts, they have been able to maintain an average serviceability condition of over 70 percent, which has had beneficial consequences for continued joint and independent operations. He stated that despite the measures that have been placed in place to improve platform serviceability in relation to the current security environment, the only thing that could appropriately position the NAF to solve the nation’s security concerns is a well-thought-out strategy that is guided by a robust philosophy.

More so, the CAS emphasised to the commanders that the primary objective of his strategy was to reshape the NAF into an adaptive and resilient force that is capable of effectively meeting the airpower requirements of all operational conditions. He added that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) would utilise the personnel and fleets at its disposal in addition to the technology, innovation, and lessons learned that it had acquired in order to successfully checkmate the security challenges that were confronting the country.

NAF needs the maximum support to improve operational performance.

Speaking further, he explained that he had made a commitment to ensure the optimisation of NAF architecture and establishments to improve operational performance, as well as purposeful training and the formation of a force that is oriented towards achieving a particular objective. According to him, other factors that made this possible were proactive logistics support as well as a strong maintenance culture, prioritising research and development, using cutting-edge technology, smart collaborations, and the application of lessons learned.

During the meeting, some Air Warrant Officers received seven Hilux vehicles from the CAS as a display of the effort for their commitment. According to Abubakar, the handing over of these vehicles was in accordance with his command philosophy of providing officers, airmen, and airwomen with opportunities for personal growth and development. This will also serve as the driving force behind the policies, strategies, programmes, and actions that will be carried out in order to accomplish the goals of NAF.

Hanging over vehicles to officers shows practical commitment.

As a result, the Service places a strong priority on ensuring personnel continue to be highly motivated to provide their best performance at all times in order to maximise the effectiveness of its operational activities. This is accomplished by placing an adequate amount of importance on the well-being of the staff members and by recognising and rewarding those who put the needs of others ahead of their own. According to what he indicated, handing over these Toyota Hilux cars represents a practical commitment in this regard.

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