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Campaign against misinformation in Nig.

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By Mercy Kelani

There is no bounds for misinformation and it should be curbed.

The core of public health of the country is threatened by distortion, despite the availability of modern information. This threat is the misinformation circulating about child vaccination programs. The health security of Nigeria is in a bit of a bind as the lives of the people are left hanging in the balance, and trust teeters on the edge. A Nigeria where children are protected from preventable diseases, and communities are shielded from misinformation can only be looked forward to.

Thus, the realization of this vision can be achieved through the unwavering commitment, unity, tapestry of truth, and unravelling of deceptive threads of falsehood. There is no bounds for this. This penetrated the corridors of education. Scepticism causes harm on the health security of the entire nation, including individual children. Nelson Mandela stated that the crucial weapon for the transformation of a society is education. The use of awareness campaigns must be ensured by the government.

Strict penalties must be enforced by the government.

Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, evaluated the gravity of the misinformation of vaccine. It threatens the significance of global health, posing danger to years of progress in eliminating preventable diseases. He stated that the struggle is a global one, and not only a Nigerian issue, where lives are threatened by this and at the same time, causing harm to public health efforts. In addition, strict penalties must be enforced by the government to curb the spread of misinformation.

Necessary deterrents include sanctions, punishments and fines. Purveyors of misinformation will be held accountable. The happiness and care of human life, according to the statement of Thomas Jefferson, should be the government’s primary objective. In the past two years, the surveys conducted in Nigeria by the Health Ministry showed that vaccination rates have decreased by 20%. This decrease led to the endangerment of the well-being and health of Nigerian children, including misinformation. Hence, unity is crucial is the protest against misinformation.

Civil society organisations are also helpful to the agenda.

Also, educators, community influencers and religious leaders must collaborate to uphold trust and dispel myths. Moreover, vital roles are played by the mass media, Women Affairs, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and the National Orientation Agency. As a result of this, partnership must be built through the pooling of their expertise and responses to establish awareness campaigns. Also, in the aspect of understanding the dynamics of misinformation, data-driven approaches are regarded as indispensable. Efforts are impactful and targeted through data empowerment of strategic decision-making.

One of the nuanced processes that requires transparency and sincerity is the concept of rebuilding trust. Understanding can be promoted using open communication channels that is embedded in healthcare providers. Also, the allies are Civil society organisations, with their advocacy capabilities and grassroots reach. The contributions of these allies will create a groundswell of informed people keen on dispelling the spread of false information in the country. More so, the partnership between civil society and the government will nurture the society to a sustainable transformation.

Global partnership is also indispensable towards the issue.

It is also noteworthy that misinformation is interwoven with cultural beliefs. Critically, another major facet of the solution is the promotion of media literacy. Also, enlightening the citizens to separate false from credible sources is another solution. Significantly, people can be empowered by awareness campaigns, online courses and workshops. In addition, global partnership is also indispensable towards the issue of misinformation. The approach of the nation against it can be enhanced through sharing best practices, knowledge, exchange and collaborative research.

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