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CALDEV tasks government on education

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By Mercy Kelani

It has empowered Nigerian children in the six geopolitical zones.

The Children of Africa Leadership and Values Development Initiative (CALDEV), since 2015, has promoted objectives to mentor and train children to becoming agents of social change and to address challenges that attack their welfare. Hon. Bamidele Salam, the founder and current member of the National Assembly representing Ede North, Ede South, Egbedore and Ejigbo Federal Constituency of Osun State, stated that the non-profit programme has empowered Nigerian kids in the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, over the years, through direction, influencing and motivation to attain their goals.

One of the major reasons for the establishment of the organisation is to train the children and teach youths for the improvement of a better nation, leadership and citizenship. Also, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the 10th Assembly of the House of Representatives, Salam, expressed his hopes, stating that high-ranking individuals are not the only ones worthy of leadership as it should ensure the permeation of the society, including childhood. The bar has been raised by CALDEV on matters concerning kids — encouraging them to take hold in roles of leadership in the society and contribute to their different communities.

Rebuilding Nigeria through investment in their education.

Life skills, norms, ethics, values, principles, leadership and citizenship have been taught by the organisation to the communities and schools. A number of children were helped by the initiative to express their speech to the conscience of policymakers, guardians, parents and the government to ensure that their demands are met. The theme of this year four-day National Children’s Leadership conference to commemorate the 2023 Universal Children’s Day, held in Abuja, was tagged “Rebuilding Nigeria through investment in children’s education, welfare and security” to organise those chosen from the 36 states, with a minimum of one hundred, selectively being picked from schools.

He stated that the young are not deeply engaged in conversations. This is because homes and schools do not provide an atmosphere of engagement and a place for them to vent, which leads to suffer. He added that the conference aids the critical evaluation of issues affecting them, and suggests solutions and strategies to curb them. In addition, he stated that the conference creates a system of engagement for children and people to positively learn from their peers, the government, stakeholders and policymakers.

Gen. will be groomed to act as advocates for education.

Furthermore, he announced that there is an organised meeting with Kashim Shettima, the Vice-President of Nigeria. He explained that there would be an engagement between the children and the Vice President on the implementation of better policies that will prioritize their welfare. Salam advocated for a developed national system, which will enhance gender equality and inclusivity, ensuring reduction of threat on innovations and early learning in order to expand education opportunities to the hard-to-reach population of adolescents and children. However, funding of education in the country has been a major challenge.

As a result, Nigeria has been ranked as having the highest number of who are out-of-school. Although, raising children to the forefront of the government’s, guardian’s and parents’ conscience is one of the ways to address the issue. Also, the young will be groomed to act as advocates for education and to call for awareness on the need for education. Furthermore, the initiative promotes innovative skills and opportunities to display their talents. There is also contribution to the policies and democratic governance in Nigeria, enhancing its aspiration.

Government should offer free education — Agboola.

Dr. Sabeeha Hussein, a speaker at the conference, implored the stakeholders and government to expand the children’s capacity through their investment, beyond classroom education. He emphasized that the children should be equipped with the right and standard education in order to compete with children from other parts of the world. He highlighted that there is need for emotional intelligence training, leadership training and capacity building. Joshua Agboola, an award-winning programmer, urged the government to offer free education. In the same vein, Adedolapo Ogunbayo, an attendee from Osun state, restated that leaders should not quit, rather they should be resilient.

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