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Buhari’s regime completes ditched projects

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By Timothy Akintola

APC to build its campaign strategy on the philosophy of project continuity.

One major obstacle that have tamed Nigeria’s progress is the continuous neglect of abandoned projects by prior administrations. Infrastructures and policies started by former governments are often abandoned by the newly elected administration, giving no room for continuity in governance. Clearly, this issue is consequentially at the detriment of citizens who cannot enjoy incomplete amenities that the government heavily invest in. Thus, there has been consistent clamors for successive administrations to improve governmental continuity by completing abandoned projects.

All Progressive Congress (APC) has implied that no administration in Nigeria’s history have successfully completed projects abandoned by previous government like the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration. The head of Media Good Governance Campaign Committee, APC 2023 Independent Campaign Council, Dr. Tom Ohekere pointed this out when speaking to newsmen after the committee’s inaugural meeting which held in Abuja on Tuesday. He noted that the APC led government must be applauded for this feat.

Meeting designed to enhance modalities for the APC campaign.

On the importance of the meeting, Dr. Ohekere stated that it was designed to enhance modalities for the APC Good Governance Campaign Committee. He further indicated that the main objective of the committee was to sensitize Nigerians at the grassroots level on the tangible achievements of the APC led government at the state and federal levels, adding that this initiative would pivotally help citizens appreciate the Buhari administration. He disclosed that the committee was working on scheduling a three-day event where the efforts and achievements of the APC led government would be showcased.

He said Muhammadu Buhari, since emerging president in 2015, had been fervent in completing projects abandoned by the previous administrations such as the Warri-Itakpe railway project started by the late President Shehu Shagari. Dr. Ohekere averred that the APC campaign committee would emphatically build a campaign strategy around the philosophy of project continuity by the APC government. He noted that their campaigns had focused more on the achievement of Tinubu and Shettima when they served as state governors.

Ohekere says that the APC government have achieved much in service delivery.

Dr. Ohekere indicated that moving forward, the campaign strategy would also include the achievement of the APC led government to change the narrative of the Buhari administration being abysmal. According to him, the APC led government at the federal and state levels had achieved so much, especially in the area of service delivery. He said that all the incomplete projects inherited from the previous administration in aspects such as road and bridge constructions, healthcare and electricity had been completed during the Buhari administration.

Additionally, he mentioned that the good governance project was not a regular one, as it would bring together, media stakeholders to critically analyze the impacts and potentials of the APC led government. He stated that the project’s theme was the triumph of democracy, adding that with the revolution of the APC government in nations building, there would be a clear difference between the Buhari administration and past governments. He noted that the campaign would also focus on how the APC led administration effectively used the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) standards in achieving great result in the country.

Impact of the APC led government to be established despite challenges.

On other plans of the campaign committee, Dr. Ohekere stated that the impact of the APC led government despite the numerous challenges would be established. Admitting that there was more to be done, he noted that immense achievement had been accomplished in the area of insecurity. He also said pictorial representation from state governments and presentation of attestation certificates would be in place to establish the achievements of these state governors. He however promised that stakeholders and the media would be carried along.

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