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Buhari is ending strong after 7 years

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By Nicole

Buhari has reeled off the achievements of his administration.

President Muhammadu Buhari proudly listed the accomplishments of his administration during the most recent and final ministerial retreat for performance assessment. He also assured Nigerians that he had lived up to his words. Speaking to attendees at the retreat held at the State House on Monday, October 17, 2022, Buhari did not mince words when he stated that the event was intended to reflect on the advancements made by his administration, review the status of implementation of the government’s policies, programs, and projects in line with Nigerians’ aspirations, as well as identify areas that need immediate intervention.

Buhari was happy that the retreat was taking place at a time when political activities and campaigns for the upcoming general election in 2023 were beginning, despite the fact that many of his critics, particularly political opponents, were unaware of the triumphs of his government. This is due to his conviction that he has made notable, desirable achievements in a variety of fields. When sharing his experience and how he institutionalized similar programs in his country, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, former president of Kenya and keynote speaker at the event, alluded to how political opponents tended to downplay efforts of the ruling party, as is frequently the case in most African democracies.

Buhari receives weekly updates from the Secretary to the Government.

But Buhari claimed that despite difficulties, his ministers worked tirelessly to carry out the policies, programs, and projects stipulated in the ministerial mandates they and permanent secretaries signed in 2019. He also assured Nigerians that he receives weekly progress updates from the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, in order to ensure completion and delivery on flagship projects. He claimed that these had been carefully observed, examined, and analyzed by the Central Delivery Coordination Unit (CDCU) through the 29 ministries, including the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, in their quarterly performance reports.

He claimed that during the past seven years, his administration has maintained a commitment to Infrastructure development, which was demonstrated by the handover of 941 kilometres of finished SUKUK road projects around Nigeria. The 21 chosen federal roads with a combined length of 1,804.6km that were built under the Road Infrastructure Development and Refurbishment Investment Tax Credit Policy are among the other admirable initiatives of the government that President Buhari listed. The Nigeria National Petroleum Limited provides the money for them. To improve Nigeria’s road infrastructure, the government was also successful in securing comparable partnerships from Dangote Industries Limited and other corporate entities.

Citizens are happy about the re-branding of the Nigerian national carrier.

The re-establishment of the Nigerian national carrier, which is currently at 91% completion and is anticipated to start flight operations by the end of 2022, has sparked the excitement of many Nigerians. The International Civil Aviation Organization’s certification of Lagos and Abuja, two international airports in Nigeria, is a major gain in this situation. The accreditation process for the airports in Kano and Port Harcourt is comparable. The Broadband coverage in Nigeria has been increased to 44.32 percent, and this is being strengthened by 77.52 percent 4G coverage thanks to the nationwide installation of 36,751 4G base stations, he added. By introducing the “Willing Buyer-Willing Seller” policy, the government prioritized the power sector and boosted the delivery of Electricity to underserved homes and businesses.

Through the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Programme, the government has been working on a number of crucial projects with the goal of improving power access for all Nigerians by 2025. Additionally, the Presidential Power Initiative, a cooperation between the Nigerian government and the German Siemens AG to raise energy generation to 25,000 Megawatts (MW) in six years, is on track, and the first batch of the transformers has already arrived in the nation. The much-anticipated Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), which establishes a legal, governance, regulatory, and fiscal framework for the Nigerian petroleum industry as well as the development of host communities and related matters, was signed into law on August 16, 2021, according to President Buhari, who was listing the actions taken to advance Nigeria.

Other important successes announcements listed by the President.

The implementation of our Social Investment Programs and other socioeconomic programs and policies, as well as the 2014 passage of the National Health Act, which enrolled 988,652 poor and indigent Nigerians in the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF), are additional significant accomplishments that President Buhari has noted and listed. Additionally, 7,373 primary healthcare facilities have been accredited and capitated through the National Health Insurance Scheme pathway, and 7,242 primary healthcare facilities are receiving decentralized facility financing through the National Primary Health Care Development Agency-Basic Health Care Provision Fund gateway. Additionally, the agricultural industry has expanded significantly as a result of government investment.


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