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Buhari approves tech deployment in South East

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By Usman Oladimeji

The deployed technology will aid in the fight against insecurity in the region.

Following a closed-door meeting with the president at the Presidential Villa, in Abuja, Gov. Hope Uzodinma of Imo has revealed to correspondents that President Muhammadu Buhari has given approval on the deployment of mordern Technology to address the Security menace issue in Imo and other parts of the South East. With the president’s approval, he said the modern technology will aid in the fight against Insecurity without recording any collateral damage and will arrive in the region in due time.

The governor expressed his utmost gratitude to the president for the recent developmental transformation of the Federal Medical Centre Owerri to a University Teaching Hospital for the Federal University of Technology and the approval that converted Alvan Ikoku College of Education to a Federal College of Education. Uzodinma, who said the visit was on behalf of his people, also stated that it was also a visit to appreciate the president for the various support, assistance and approvals given to the state.

Cutting-edge monitoring equipment will soon arrive in the state.

Furthermore, Uzodinma said the visit was also to thank him for the numerous assistance Buhari had given to the state throughout the era of security issues. According to him barely two weeks ago, Igbos who returned home from Lagos and beyond South East experienced the advantage of the second Niger Bridge, something that is worthy of recognition. He nevertheless, urges the president to further provide the state with additional technical deployments to improve the advanced security control in the South East

He assures that the state will soon get cutting-edge monitoring equipment and other technological advancements that will make it possible to crack down on crime with little collateral damage. In his New Year’s address to the people of the state, he expressed confidence in their strength as a united whole and thanked them for their dedication and zeal as Nigerians. He added that his people have faith in the Federal Government’s ability to help the state develop.

Imo State gets reimbursed for the Owerri to Orlu dualized expressway.

Moreover, Uzodinma believed that 2023 will bring even more development than the years 2020 through 2022 had already seen, provided that people kept their faith. He recapped the progress made in the past, saying, the people have seen various developments, citing an instance the of Imo state, where the president’s blessing allowed the state government to form a partnership with the Nigerian Navy to dredge the waterway from the Oguta River to the Orashi River and ultimately the sea. This has cleared the way for a new marine route to develop. He stated that Pipeline damage, crude oil theft, and other crimes in the region had greatly decreased since the naval base was established.

Uzodinma also commended the presidents on his approval to reimburse the Imo State Government for the recently completed Owerri to Orlu dualized expressway. The governor defended the APC-led government’s performance, saying that it has improved Infrastructure and security in Imo. He claims that the state’s progress makes the APC the popular choice there. He debunked the claims of those concerned about security by pointing out that the Federal Government manages and controls all subnational security measures.

Security menace is a nationwide issue, not for the state alone.

The governor has indicated that the security threat is a problem that affects the whole country. The atmosphere, he said, would be secure as soon as the security menace is addressed. According to him during the yuletide there is relative Peace in Imo State, and Christmas is a very critical period for us and new year is also very critical. Uzodinma noted that, notwithstanding some minor injuries sustained in the state’s rural areas, security has improved significantly in recent months.


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