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Buhari approves N134b for military veterans

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Buhari backs the payment of Security Debarment Allowance to military veterans.

The payment of Security Debarment Allowance (SDA) to all veterans of the armed forces has been authorized by President Muhammadu Buhari for a total of N134.7 billion. The president announced the federal government’s commitment of N10 million to the Nigerian Legion at the unveiling of the 2023 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem and Appeal fund. With effect from 2017, Pres. Buhari approved the payment of SDA to veterans, demonstrating the federal government’s commitment to their care by assuring the early payment of their Pension and other entitlements.

In addition, Pres. Buhari expressed his satisfaction that Defense Health Maintenance Limited was providing the veterans with quality healthcare services, highlighting the growth of their service area through the opening of Zonal and State offices. He pledged that the government would keep placing a high priority on offering veterans and the general public access to high-quality healthcare services. The president also praised the Nigerian Armed Forces for their efforts in directly addressing Banditry, kidnappings, molestation, and the murder of innocent bystanders, claiming that these “vices alien to our Culture” are on the decline.

Government would continue to strengthen all security agencies.

He claims that thanks to the methodical approach and intensifying military campaign to eliminate subversive groups engaged in destructive activities, such as “in the insurgency in the North-east, militancy in the Niger Delta,” normalcy is gradually returning to some affected areas of the country. He also praised the military’s efforts to ease racial and religious tensions in some localities. He reassured Nigerians that the federal government would keep all Security Agencies repositioned and strengthened so they could overcome the nation’s security obstacles.

Nigerian president urged companies to show their appreciation for the sacrifices made by soldiers and brave troops by providing them with discounts and rebates on goods and services. He claimed that doing this would raise military personnel’s morale and help them fulfil their legal obligations. Buhari reaffirmed his pledge to leave the next generation of leaders a Nigeria free from Insecurity. He expressed certainty that, thanks to the valor and sacrifices made by military personnel in the fight against insurgency and other internal security operations.

Governors who were Patrons of Veterans were commended by the President.

The president praised state governors who support veterans in their jurisdictions for their assistance with the Nigerian Legion. In order to provide security and other administrative services, Mr. Buhari urged federal and state government entities to continue using the Nigerian Legion Corps of Commissionaires. He claimed that former service members had tremendous potential that may be used to advance the country. In terms of security, intelligence, and strategy, he instructed the Defense and Services Headquarters to keep in touch with the veterans.

Buhari recalled that because January 15 marked the conclusion of the Nigerian Civil War, choosing that date to commemorate the armed forces is meaningful. Therefore, he urged all citizens to desist from negative deeds and remarks that endanger national integration and unity and instead take part in constructive deeds that bring the nation together. According to the president, the 2023 insignia still serves as a reminder of the past and a symbol of hope for a peaceful future, conveying an implicit message to the fallen heroes that their sacrifice was honorable and made for the sake of our fatherland. Regardless of their political party or religious convictions, he urged everyone living in Nigeria, both Nigerians and foreigners, to proudly wear the insignia and stand in solidarity with those who gave their lives to ensure the country’s Peace and security.

NGO’s will help the widows and orphans of the departed heroes.

He was praised for providing the Nigerian Armed Forces with “full support” by Senate President Ahmad Lawan, who also pledged a monetary Donation on behalf of the National Assembly to the Nigerian Legion. The ministry will continue to secure the quick payment of the entitlements and death benefits of the deceased personnel, according to retired major general and minister of defense Bashir Magashi. He claims that a scholarship program is being developed for the deceased’s children up to the tertiary level. But he urged well-intentioned businesses and non-governmental organizations to prioritize easing the suffering of the widows and orphans of fallen heroes.


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