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Breweries, Crossboundary Sign $10m Contract

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Nigerian Breweries, Crossboundary Sign $10m Renewable Energy Contract.

The Ibadan and Ama breweries of Nigerian Breweries Plc (NB) in the states of Oyo and Enugu have announced the start of two renewable energy (solar and battery storage hybrid) projects. According to a statement released by the brewing company yesterday, this $10 million project will be one of the largest renewable energy initiatives for a company in Nigeria. CrossBoundary Energy will upgrade the Ibadan Brewery in New Brunswick’s Ibadan from a 663 kWp solar PV plant to a hybrid solar-plus-storage facility with a 3 MWp solar PV system and a 2 MW/2 MWh battery energy storage system as part of this arrangement (BESS).

A 4 MWp solar PV plant and a 2 MW/2 MWh BESS will be installed at the Ama brewery in NB. The combined solar power facilities will provide the Ibadan and Ama breweries with roughly 10 GWh of electricity each year at a significant savings over their existing electricity costs. Over the course of the plants’ lives, this project will cut 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the site. The development and building of the renewable energy facilities in Ibadan and Ama will be wholly funded by CrossBoundary Energy, and the company will also manage both facilities as part of a 15-year solar services contract with NB.

They both partnered to complete the first phase of the solar power project.

This accomplishment strengthens the five-year collaboration between Nigerian Breweries and CrossBoundary Energy in a substantial way. In case you forgot, both businesses teamed up to finish the first stage of NB Plc’s solar power project in its Ibadan brewery, which was finished in 2021 and was the first of its type in Nigeria. According to Hans Essaadi, managing director of Nigerian Breweries, “We are thrilled to be a pioneer in the deployment of solar energy in Nigeria.” With the help of these extra solar power plants, we will be able to meet a large amount of our electricity needs and get closer to becoming carbon neutral.

By increasing its use of renewable energy, Nigeria Breweries will be able to better meet its environmental obligations under the Better A Better World (BABW) Sustainability Plan and the global Net Zero goals established by our parent company HEINEKEN. James Shoetan, chief commercial officer at CrossBoundary Energy, also took the opportunity to comment. He said: “We’re thrilled to continue supporting Nigerian Breweries’ sustainability goals and to be supplying multiple breweries with cleaner, cheaper power with no upfront investment or technical risk.”

CrossBoundary Energy is to see the expansion of the flagship project.

The extension of the flagship project at NB Ibadan, which significantly increases its sustainable impact, is encouraging to CrossBoundary Energy. Both solar plants will be designed and built by Soventix, while DHYBRID Power Systems will design and provide the BESS and hybrid control system for both projects on behalf of CrossBoundary Energy. Soventix will offer operations and maintenance services for both buildings after construction is finished. According to Alexandros Aris Papachristou, general manager of Soventix in Nigeria, We are grateful that CrossBoundary Energy can contribute to the renewable goals of Nigerian Breweries with our custom-made energy solutions and best-in-class operations and maintenance operations as an Energy Solutions partner for Nigerian Breweries.

During the construction period, the projects will support the employment of about 80 locals, and once the plants are operational, at least 20 locals will be employed. The initiatives also make it possible for private direct investment to help Nigeria meet its newly restated goal of reaching net zero by 2060. Through financing options like the one provided by CrossBoundary Energy, Nigeria’s renewable energy sector can increase access to affordable, reliable power for businesses, create much-needed green jobs, and attract foreign investment. This will allow Nigeria to realize its enormous economic potential.

Solar power plant launched by Nigerian Breweries.

A year ago, the brewer’s Ibadan brewery’s 663.6kwP solar facility, which cost over N300 million (732,000), was put into operation. The solar plant will be installed by CrossBoundary Energy, a provider of renewable energy with a focus on financing off-grid solutions for companies in Africa, and will provide the brewery with about 1,000 megawatts per hour (mwh) of electricity annually at a significant savings over their current cost of electricity. Almost the course of the plant’s existence, the historic project, which can brew about 13.3 million bottles of Star Lager beer, would cut the site’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by over 10,000 tonnes.

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