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Awareness campaign against breast cancer

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By Mercy Kelani

NAOWA, 8 Division Chapter, held a campaign to educate women.

In Sokoto State, the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives (NAOWA), 8 Division Chapter, held an awareness campaign against breast cancer. The awareness campaign against this killer disease was held at Giginya Cantonment, Sokoto State, Nigeria. It was organized in commemoration of the International Day Against Breast Cancer of the World Health Organization (WHO). The commemoration of this day is usually celebrated on October 19, every year. The Chairperson of NAOWA, 8 Division Chapter, Mrs. Florence Godwin Mutkut, also joined in the campaign.

During the campaign awareness, Mrs. Florence Godwin Mutkut stated that the organization of the campaign was in alignment with the laid down objectives of the NAOWA National Headquarters, which is currently being led by Mrs. Mariya Abiodun Lagbaja, the President of the Association. Mrs. Mutkut stressed that the campaign organized by the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives (NAOWA) was focused on the creation and raising of awareness concerning the ills of breast cancer among participants of the campaign.

Early detection of the disease increases success rates of treatment.

Represented by the wife of the Commander, 8 Division Garrison, Mrs. Anne Omoh Tawasimi, the Chairperson of NAOWA, 8 Division Chapter, asserted that the campaign this year, 2023, is concerned with the significance of timely mammograms and regular self-examination. This is because, according to Mrs. Florence Godwin Mutkut, early detection of breast cancer in a patient increases the success rates of treatment. The General Officer Commanding 8 Division, Maj. General Godwin Mutkut, was commended during the campaign.

As the Special Guest of Honour of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Maj. Gen Godwin Mutkut received applause from his wife, Mrs. Florence Godwin Mutkut. This appreciation was accorded the General for his provision of the required support that made the campaign programme a massive success. The Global Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative is majorly focused on the promotion of education, encouraging early detection among people with symptoms, and provision of support systems for patients of the disease.

Breast cancer does not mean a death sentence.

Also, the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative is aimed at ensuring dissemination of information about symptoms, treatment options, risk factors, and screening methods. Guest speakers gave lectures at the campaign awareness programme. Some of them delivered lectures that emphasised that having breast cancer does not connote that one is being sentenced to death. This is because it can be prevented through proper treatment and regular self-examination, which also depends solely on early detection of the disease.

Self-breast examination — particularly for people who have grown beyond the age of 40 —, vaccination, a balanced diet, and exercise were recommended as some of the mediums to ensure reduction of the prevalence of the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO), in a bid to raise awareness on this disease, designated October as the Pink Month. The Pink Month is aimed at making efforts towards the education and enlightenment of people concerned about breast cancer.

90 percent of early stage breast cancers can be cured.

It also concerns itself with educating people on early detection of signs and symptoms associated with the disease. It was highlighted by WHO that 90 percent of early stage breast cancers can be cured, mostly with treatment that ensures conservation of the breast. Yearly, this disease causes the death of over 500,000 women all over the world. In areas with poor resources, many of the women with the disease get their diagnosis at an advanced stage, which usually results in low rates of survival.

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