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Army to receive helicopters, others in 2024

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Overall security conditions of the nation will be enhanced with the equipment.

Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), has made a significant announcement during a special luncheon held for frontline troops in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State. He revealed that the Nigerian Army is on the verge of receiving helicopters and various combat enablers that will play a critical role in enhancing the overall Security situation throughout the nation. In the face of challenges, the soldiers and officers have shown commendable bravery and unwavering belief in the nation. Their resilience and unyielding dedication have earned them praise.

Major General Kevin Aligbe, Commander, Training and Doctrine Command, Nigerian Army, who attended the event on behalf of the COAS, emphasised that the Army headquarters has undertaken a number of welfare initiatives aimed at directly improving the lives of Nigerian soldiers. The Chief of Army Staff affirmed that an undeniable reality is that more than 50,000 fellow officers will, unfortunately, be unable to personally extend their warm wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to their cherished families and loved ones during this time of the year.

Many officers wouldn’t be able to celebrate the yuletide with families.

Due to their duty in remote towns, villages, and hamlets both within and beyond the country, those officers will be unable to participate in the festivities. Considering the plans and strategies implemented by the Federal Government, Nigeria and its military stand to gain a number of opportunities in the coming year. Moving forward, Lagbaja expressed that in the forthcoming year, they anticipate the arrival of its helicopters and other tools for combat, which will significantly bolster security measures and foster progress on a nationwide scale.

Significant progress has been made in addressing the nation’s security challenges, resulting in commendable victories across all fronts. However, there remains a substantial amount of work yet to be accomplished. In order to overcome these challenges and restore Nigeria to its former glory, utmost attention will be directed towards enhanced training initiatives. The aim is to reinstate a time when citizens can freely move around the country without fear and enjoy peaceful nights devoid of any anxieties.

Operations will strictly adhere to internationally recognised standards.

On his part, Major General Jamal Abdussalam, the General Officer Commanding, 6 Division Nigerian Army stationed in Port Harcourt, stated that the consistent endeavours of the Army in their operational activities directly contributed to a significant increase in the oil production quota Abdussalam provided an unwavering guarantee that the 6 Division Nigerian Army will persist in carrying out its operations, strictly adhering to internationally recognised benchmarks and adhering to both a code of conduct and rules of engagement. This commitment also includes upholding the fundamental rights of all individuals involved.

More so, the criminals responsible for the brutal killing of four soldiers in Ahoada, Rivers State, have been intensely warned that they will face severe consequences for their atrocious deeds. It was emphasised that these troops have actively engaged in a range of kinetic and non-kinetic endeavours that have significantly influenced the surrounding circumstances, thus leading to potential risks during operations. Loss of their dear colleagues’ lives and occasional loss or damage of equipment are some of the significant hazards they face.

Rivers State pledged its support to enhance security in the region.

Lastly, he explained further that militant criminal activities perpetrated without cause or provocation claimed the lives of their brave soldiers in the latest tragedy. On the other hand, the honourable Governor of Rivers State, Siminalayi Fubara, who was unable to attend the event, sent his deputy, Prof. Ngozi Ordu, who commended the Nigerian Army for their selfless sacrifices. He also pledged the state government’s unwavering support to enhance security in the region, standing steadfast by the Army and its collaborating agencies.


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