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Anambra State is using housing to curb erosion

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Soludo plans to transform Anambra into smart mega city by housing construction.

Anambra State’s government, led by Governor Chukwuma Soludo, has devised plans to use housing to combat environmental threats like Erosion and other problems. The governor plans to transform the state into a smart mega city by keeping housing Construction at the top of his priority list. According to him, one of the essential parts of urban revitalization is Real Estate development, which involves constructing buildings for human use. The success of every city or society’s long-term blueprint largely depends on it. In contrast, the expert has seen housing development as a risk to the natural world in the State due to the hazardous ways structures are erected.

According to the governor, the State faces numerous difficulties, including environmental deterioration, making the scheme to give housing building priority in his Sustainable and Prosperous Anambra agenda, a commendable undertaking. In order to reclaim the environment, the Anambra State Government recently started demolishing buildings that were built on Waterways around Onitsha. Many of these buildings have resulted in the state’s erosion problem. Presently, Anambra is one of the most eroded states in Nigeria, which worries the governor a lot because it threatens the environment, people’s lives, and the state’s Economy.

The state is working hard to mitigate the flood impact.

Housing Commissioner, Mr. Paully Onyeka, of Anambra state however, noted that Anambra is the second smallest state in the country in terms of land mass but is slowly decreasing every day due to the erosion crisis and that the state government is working to mitigate the condition. The new housing policy enacted by Governor Soludo is a direct response to the increasing environmental threats that have made its prevention necessary. The governor has high standards for the new construction of homes, and he wants to make sure they’re built in the most efficient way possible to achieve the desired effect of making people happy and at ease.

In addition to the construction of roadways, bridges, and other types of Infrastructure, the growth of human capital, the improvement of Security, and the expansion of agricultural production, among other government duties, it is of the utmost importance to create an atmosphere that contributes to advancement. Residential development, as a crucial part of any growing society, is at the center of Governor Soludo’s administration’s mission to transform Anambra State into a place where people want to live and thrive.

A building should not occupy more than 65% of the environment.

Here is the information and Anambra needs to know about the newest developments. Every one of these changes, and more, can be found in the new Anambra State Housing Development Policy that the state’s housing commissioner, the Honorable Paully Onyeka, has been revealing on a daily basis. One Regulation is that no building should take up more than 65% of the total land area within the compound. Secondly, at least two trees and a green vegetable and flowers should be planted in and around the premises.

Furthermore, piping water out of a premise and onto a road or bush is now illegal and punishable as an environmental violation in the state to tackle the erosion problem. When it comes to estates, they should be built in such a manner that it is simple to move around inside of them, and general structures like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, churches, and other places of worship should be located in a centered area. In order to prevent floods, there should be no homes constructed on waterways.

Developers should get land approval from Authorities.

Also, for proper permission, developers are encouraged to always work with the Awka Capital Territory Development Authority for locations inside the region and the Anambra State Physical Planning Board for necessary approval. All people should work together, he said, to reduce the environmental impact. If they follow the rules, Anambra State may become a thriving and pleasant place to live. Onyema said that the people of Anambra State hold the key to the state’s revitalization and that they must all do their bit to make it a reality.


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