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Alumni endowment fund to assist lecturers

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By Timothy Akintola

Babasola urges alumni associations to step up and improve education ambience.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities have continually embarked on nationwide strikes as a result of the failed promises of the Nigerian government at meeting the demands of the academic union. In fact, reports indicate that over a span of 23 years, there had been 16 academic strikes, including the recently concluded 8 months academic strike. The recurrence in these strike actions indicate the complacency of the past and present government at reaching the needs of the academic union.

Recently concluded industrial strike which commenced as a four-week warning strike, on the 14th of February and lasted over 8 months had immensely affected students in federal institutions, catalyzed immense frustrations from the general public. Upon numerous rounds of negotiations between both parties which led to the resumption of these tertiary institutions, the Academic Union have in different statements, indicated the failures of the Federal Government at working towards achieving their demands of a better educational ambience.

Babasola urged for the establishment of an Alumnus Endowment Fund.

On this prevalent issue of academic strike, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) Alumni recently suggested the establishment of an Alumni Endowment Fund, in a bid to curb the recurring problem of the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ industrial strikes. Mr. Adegboyega Babasola, a UNILAG Alumnus, at the recent celebration of the UNILAG Chemical Engineering 1997 Class’ 25th Anniversary, beseeched alumnus across the country and abroad to join in the quest for the establishment of an endowment fund.

Due to ASUU’s prevalent strike actions, he noted that it was necessary for the alumni association across every institution should step up as to improving the educational ambience of their institutions. He stated that in western countries, huge funds were invested into the Alumni Endowment Fund for funding their institutions. He stated that the Nigerian Alumni association across all institutions in the country should also establish the Alumni Endowment Fund to help the lecturers.

Non-alignment, a major obstacle affecting Nigeria’s education sector.

Mr. Babasola stated that despite the rich nature of Education in Nigeria, the non-alignment with the sector was one significant obstacle that had ravaged the industry. He noted that education served a bigger purpose than mere reading and passing and as such, industry applications had to be taught as well. Noting the problem he faced, in regards industry applications, Mr. Babasola asserted that the industry and education should be juxtaposed. He said that research cases must also be well funded to enhance the understanding of application processes among students.

Another Alumnus, Dr. Pascal Ifeacho also expressed his profound pleasure and enthusiasm as to the idea of giving back to the institutions that had shaped them. He stated that it was a necessary step toward ensuring the improvement of the educational environment in the country. He also noted that this establishment would help the tertiary institutions with quality equipment for the understanding of applications. Dr. Pascal said that the unity in their class was an important factor that has helped them scale through.

Alumnus engaged students with entrepreneurship ideas and networking.

He also indicated that there was a pivotal reason to give back to the institution on their 25th reunion. As a part of the celebration, the set organized a career day, where students were engaged with entrepreneurship ideas and the opportunity to network. Dr. Tolu Ajayi, a senior lecturer in the Chemical Engineering Department, UNILAG, however appreciated the efforts of these alumnus in giving back to the institution, wishing them the best in their life endeavors.


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