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AI set to replace human intelligence

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By Abraham Adekunle

Intelligent machines and robots are gradually invading every sector.

It is unarguable that the world is drastically changing. The world moved from doing things manually and waiting for a very long time for feedback to inventing machines, electricity, computers, the internet, and more. Since the invention of these groundbreaking technologies, development has moved rapidly everywhere. People now write on their phones or computers and send an electronic version to whomever they want to. Repetitive tasks are now automated by artificial intelligence and supercomputers. Two hundred years ago, this was impossible.

The turn of the century brought with it the invention of artificial intelligence on a usable commercial scale. Artificial intelligence is one demonstrated by computers, as opposed to human or animal intelligence. This means that the input-feedback chain of computers started with basic input commands and output feedback, of which animal interaction supersedes. But as time goes by, the computers have been programmed to be able to learn a pattern and identify their role in it. Thus, intelligence here refers to the ability to learn, reason, generalize and infer meaning from a range of processes or actions.

Recent launch of ChatGPT rocks different sectors.

This technology is now the talk of the town, especially since the launch of ChatGPT. It was launched on November 30, 2022 by a San Francisco-based OpenAI company. Before that, there are other machine intelligent applications such as Google search engine, Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc. Presently, the presence of AI can be felt everywhere and in everything one does. It has also caused rapid development in the tech industry, easing the otherwise manual work done by programmers.

Consequently, the technology has replaced all human activities in every sector because the old ways were no longer acceptable and the current generation prefers to execute tasks in split seconds, compared to their older counterparts. In fact, every developed country uses AI to smoothly run its governance and policy-making strategy. And it is being imitated by developing countries too. However, it shows that AI is replacing people’s jobs at a rate faster than imagined. For instance, it has replaced bankers such as cashiers who used to do the work of ATMs and mobile banking applications.

Photography and piloting takes a hit too.

Any right-thinking person would also wonder what the fate of up-and-coming accountants would be, as well as other human activities, if machines are eventually programmed to dispense cash instead of cashiers, effectively rendering going to banking halls useless. Meanwhile, pilots used to man airplanes for the military in the past whether it was a high-value mission or not. Many of them have died from executing tasks like that. But now, militaries all over the world now use drones and remote-controlled planes that autonomously conduct surveillance and attack without the assistance of humans.

Of course, drones do not need any pilots, and those pilots are losing their jobs. As these drones become more advanced and capable, many pilots lost their jobs to artificial intelligence and they’re going to adapt to other fields in the meantime. AI can also create art. It can draw, produce three-dimensional pictures, and even do so via word prompts. In 2022, Getty Images officially challenged AI art by banning its use on the website. Many creatives have also shown discontent for its ability to create art as they, even much better ones.

Will we need writers in the future or even lawyers?

The menace is also experienced in the legal sector as law firms are already replacing paralegals and other staff with e-discovery lawyers and research robots. These robots are capable of combing through millions of documents and discovering relevant facts, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information based on keywords. Multiple people will certainly take weeks to do so. Finally, with ChatGPT especially, writers may soon be unneeded. Many news agencies and websites are already employing the help of computer-assisted writing and information-gathering software robots. If you read news stories on the Internet, you have very likely read a story generated by a computer and not a human. As software becomes smarter, it’s going to replace even more journalist and reporter jobs.

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