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Adulteration affects the paint industry

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By Mercy Kelani

There would be an elimination of quackery and adulteration — PMA Chairman.

Great concerns have been expressed by the Paint Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMA) on the activities of the makers of fake paint and adulterator’s in the paint industry. He lamented that the danger is causing loss to its members in aspect of generating daily revenue, as a result of some unscrupulous individuals who practice unwholesomely. Ambolu Babatunde, Chairman of PMA, said that adulteration and faking of premium brands have posed threats to the industry. He stated this at the 2023 annual meeting in Lagos titled “Post fuel subsidy removal-Survival strategies for paints manufacturers”.

He stated that companies’ reputations, whose names and products have been faked, are affected negatively. As a result, he declared that the actions of the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) to maintain and curb the criminals that operate this menace has had no influence or impact, either during the process of enforcement and monitoring of standard paints, or to eradicate the unlawful act. He added that it is the hope and believe of the association that there would be an elimination of quackery and adulteration through the enforcement of standards, rigorous monitoring and improved regulatory frameworks in the industry.

The theme for the annual meeting was deliberately chosen.

Also, he expressed optimism on the elimination of adulteration, and establishment of a National Paint Policy in Nigeria will address the issue of quackery in the industry. Likewise, he declared that the theme for the annual meeting was chosen to correlate with the demands of the association to device methods and ways, including means to ensure survival during current economic difficulties, which is caused by the removal of fuel subsidy on PMS by the Federal Government.

Consequently, he lamented that the federal government’s move has additionally disrupted the economic and social administration in Nigeria. More so, he added that there an urgency in the need to evaluate paint manufacturers in Nigeria. He also suggested plans to sustain and maintain business strategies so as to sustain its effectiveness in the country. He asserted that due to election issues which started on an unsure note in 2023, the environment has negatively affected business.

Scarcity of raw materials is a major challenge.

Babatunde said that the business environment has been made difficult for the people due to the CBN policy, which caused cash scarcity. He noted that doing business has been caustic due to the removal of fuel scarcity which has led to the high cost (inflation) of services and goods. Issues of deteriorating and bad road networks were cited by him, as it affects the movement of people and the distribution of goods and services. Also, Babatunde gave his concerns on the abandonment of rails in Nigeria. He stated that the advent of rail will elongate road network and bring down distribution costs.

Additionally, electricity in the country has been epileptic and unreliable in comparison to past experiences. He added that the envisaged participation in the African Continental Free Trade Area is not feasible as the attendant effects of energy costs on other costs of production will affect it. The Chairman said that one of the major challenges is the scarcity of raw materials as majority of the materials are petrol-chemical derivatives. Thus, he advised that the major solution to address the challenges is to get refineries of the nation working properly.

Governments at all levels were urged to support the industry.

Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment was implored by Babatunde to take action on the industry’s Paint Policy Project in order to reward and enhance investments, and protect paint manufacturers in the industry. Moreover, governments at various levels were implored to ensure that the industry’s paint projects are done with made-in-Nigeria products. Ogundimu Leke, the Principal Partner at Tomfilms Associates International Limited, (Management Consultants), listed practical strategies for the advancement of technology in the industry after fuel subsidy removal.

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