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ACReSAL Project to protect Gombe environment

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By Mercy Kelani

The governor is committed to putting an end to environmental degradation.

Recently, Governor Muhammadu Yahaya initiated the Gombe State Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes, ACReSAL Project Implementation support mission. In his speech during the official launch, he affirmed the commitment of his government towards putting an end to environmental degradation and ensuring provision of resilience for economic growth and sustainable livelihood. He stated that this action is needed because Gombe State happened to be one of the states that we’re mostly affected by environmental problems, as a result of its location.

In his statement, he asserted that these challenges have negative effects in natural resources, agricultural productivity, and the livelihood of the state’s residents. Recurrent flooding, desert encouragement, irregular rainfall patterns, and diminishing arable lands have greatly affected the general livelihood of farmers and communities. There is currently an impending hunger in Nigeria, which could be attributed to several factors — one of which Gov. Yahaya believes to be improper care for the environment. However, his administration has devised initiatives to cushion the consequences.

A sum of 503M was paid as counterpart funding for the project.

These initiatives set up by the Gombe State administration is aimed at strengthening resilience in the state and cushioning adverse effects. The governor promised to provide the required support, including further financial support, to aid the successful implementation of the initiative in the state. He asserted that his administration will carry out their duties, hoping that the drivers of the project would also deliver their part effectively so that it can begin soon and save residents from the nightmare they face.

He added that in 2019, when he assumed the position of governor, he paid the counterpart funds for the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), which fostered the execution of several developmental projects in Gombe State. To depict the state’s commitment towards enabling climate resilience, the sum of N503 million was paid by the government as a counterpart funding for the ACReSAL project. This is in addition to the state ticking all boxes of other requirements to participate in the project.

Farmers are to be empowered with knowledge & modern techniques.

Governor Yahaya’s administration has the intention of improving environmental sustainability and accountability, while encouraging a spirit of ownership, cooperation, and shared responsibilities in safeguarding the environment, through interventions like the recently launched one. He stated that the government’s major policy focus is to key into potentials of land and water to enhance comparative agricultural advantage. Farmers are as well going to be empowered with knowledge and modern techniques to enable implementation of water conservation practices and sustainable land management.

Also, he stated that he is optimistic about his collaboration with World Bank under the ACReSAL project, which will enhance provision of a healthy and eco-friendly environment suitable for human habitation. To support the forestry unit’s capacity for efficient protection and conservation of wildlife, the government has acquired 6 tricycles, motorcycles, a drone, and a boat. He assured that his administration will work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to ensure protection of the environment in Gombe State.

All stakeholders were applauded for their support.

Additionally, the governor appreciated all sponsors, development partners, and stakeholders, particularly the Federal Project Management Unit and the World Bank team for their contribution to the implementation of the projects in Gombe State. The Task Team Leader of the ACReSAL Project, Dr. Joy Agene, applauded the state’s governor for his commitment to transforming the ecological landscape of the state. The team lead further requested the unwavering support of the government, and sought facilitation of engagement with other governors in the North.

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