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A pledge to peace within the Commonwealth

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By Nicole

There should be a call for unity, love, peace and prosperity in the country.

On Commonwealth Day, Adamu Adamu, the minister of education, renewed the call for the nation to live in harmony, love, peace, and prosperity. The foundation of growth in any nation and among the group of commonwealth nations, according to Mr. Adamu, who announced this in Abuja, can only be constructed if these conditions are met. Every year, on the second Monday in March, the 56 member nations observe Commonwealth Day with ceremonies, speeches, exhibitions, and cultural events.

In order to maintain a connection between nations that were once British colonies but are now viewed as equal and free, the common wealth of nations was established in 1949. Trade, finance, defense, education, scientific research, law, medicine, agriculture, and sports are just a few of the areas where nations in this family work together. The departments that make up the structure of the Commonwealth reflect these. But, recent events around the world call into doubt the multinational organization’s level of influence both among its members and the general public.

The theme is Forging a peaceful common future.

Currently the world is seeing upheavals in some regions, such as the Slavic conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which has had a significant impact on the global economy. The celebration’s theme this year, “Forging a peaceful common future,” couldn’t be more appropriate and emphasizes the importance of member nations living in peace with one another in order to ensure a sustainable future. Nigeria pledges its commitment to fostering peace not only in member states but also throughout the world as it joins more than 50 other member states in commemorating the day.

As the King and ruler of the Commonwealth, His Majesty King Charles lll presided over this year’s event for the first time. On Monday, March 13, 2023, the 56 member nations will observe Commonwealth Day with ceremonies, speeches, exhibitions, and cultural events. The day’s theme, “Forging a Sustainable and Peaceful Common Future,” strives to bring together the 2.5 billion member residents in celebration of their shared principles and values and in the pursuit of a future that is centered on sustainability and peace.

Where there is violence and conflict, we should work for peace.

We are standing together right now to meet the problems of the present and seize the chances of the future. While striving for peace wherever there is conflict and violence. It is highly important to defend democratic culture, procedures, and institutions in unsafe areas. We must fight poverty wherever it exists. Continue to fight against injustice wherever we see it. In an era of polarization, Secretary-General Scotland highlighted the expanding cooperation by saying that our distinctive qualities and advantages mean that the Commonwealth in 2023 is not simply a part of the international system, it is a beacon within it. These qualities are highlighted by the fact that the Commonwealth is expanding precisely because of what we stand for and what we can accomplish in the face of a multilateral system that is under pressure.

Cities throughout the Commonwealth will have celebrations to honour the day that are interfaith and multi-cultural. The annual service at Westminster Abbey in London, which will draw thousands of people, will be one of the biggest events. The King, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, top government officials, other dignitaries, and hundreds of young people will attend. The theme will be presented during the ceremony through musical performances, personal testimonies, and readings from people from many member nations, including the all-female chorus “Amalgamation Choir” from Cyprus.

Common Wealth day is the 2nd Monday in the month of March.

Since 1977, this Day has been observed on the second Monday in March. In recent years, the focus of the celebration has shifted from a single day to a full week, with the day serving as its centerpiece. Each member nation and each UK city will receive a flag this year as part of the Commonwealth of Nations Flag for Peace initiative. These flags can be raised on Commonwealth Day to honour the values of the Charter, including democracy, human rights, sustainable development, equality, and respect. In addition to commemorating the day with speeches and cultural events, parliamentarians, mayors, and high commissioners across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, the Pacific, and Europe will do the same.

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