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A plan to raise funds for autistic children

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By Nicole

A South African athlete is raising funds for Nigerians who are autistic.

South African Jean-Claude Havyarimana will run in the Istanbul Marathon in 2022 to support The Zeebah Foundation, an organization that works to provide inclusive Education for Nigerians with autism. One of the most renowned and well-known road races in the world is the Istanbul Mahon. The first Istanbul Marathon was held in 1979, and since then, both the number of participants and its popularity have increased significantly. The event will take place on November 6 of this year.

This year’s race will only have 22,500 competitors, despite the fact that tens of thousands are expected to watch. According to a statement made by The Zeebah Foundation, Jean-Claude, a friend and supporter of the group, will take part in the event to help raise money for autism treatment. Friends of The Zeebah Foundation, a fundraising campaign to support families with children who have ASD, will be present at the Istanbul Marathon.

One out of sixty-eight children are born with autism.

Our brand will be taken outside of our borders [for the second time] by Jean-Claude Havyarimana, an avid racer and friend of The Zeebah Foundation. At the Istanbul Marathon, which will be his 40th marathon overall, he hopes to generate funding on our behalf, according to the statement. In response to questions about his involvement, Jean-Claude noted that one in 68 infants are born with autism, therefore the major goal of his participation was to raise awareness.

Jean-Claude uttered he is determined to run for The Zeebah Foundation in order to raise awareness of autism and since he has a number of friends who have autistic children. This would go a long way toward meeting people’s basic requirements, including providing for their children’s healthcare and education. The Zeebah Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of all those who are impacted by autism, by funding research that yields significant and useful findings.

Children with autism should be referred to special schools.

Education professionals should refer autistic children to specialists so that they can learn easier, according to Chibuike Oti, Manager of Regions Speech and Child Developmental Delay Clinic in Imo State. As Nigerians joined others in observing World Autism Awareness Day under the theme “Inclusive quality education for all,” Oti made the appeal in an interview. He continued by saying that if society’s members understood autism and knew how to recognize and care for children who were affected, it would improve the lives of autistic people.

With the exception of parents of autistic children or those who have lived with them, many people have never heard of autism. These victims should receive the proper care from professionals who are experienced with dealing with autistic people. If a teacher spots one of these kids in the class, they should not be afraid to recommend him or her to a professional or specialized school so that they may be diagnosed. The problem can be solved so that the child can study easier. He clarified that the purpose of World Autism Awareness Day is to raise awareness and to honour autistic youngsters. He claimed that not everyone in the neighbourhood is aware of it and that seeing youngsters who are afflicted and deprived of basic necessities confuses people.

Each Autistic child should have an educational support.

The Pure Souls Learning Foundation, a non-governmental organization, has urged for educational support for people with autism, particularly through art. During an interview, according to Mrs. Dotun Akande, the founder of the Pure Souls Learning Foundation, the recently finished “Art in Autism” exhibition was created to offer visibility to people with autism who would typically have been overlooked because of their difficulties with social contact and formal education. The majority of autistic people, she continued, could find expressive language challenging because they typically communicate their emotions through art.


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