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975 officers transferred to new assignments

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By Mercy Kelani

A definitive consent was also granted for the alteration of 120 personnel.

In a significant decision, the Nigerian military command has given their seal of approval for the transfer and redistribution of a substantial number of 975 officers. The impact of the exercise reaches out to a total of 206 generals, 64 colonels, a sum of 302 lieutenant colonels, 139 majors, and also includes 122 captains, among various other personnel in the force. January 8, 2024, marks the commencement of this significant reshuffling in the Nigerian Army.

The reshuffling and changes made in work spaces, depending on the ranks and positions of officers as conveyed through an official circular. Maj. Gen. E.F Oyinlola, the signatory of the circular, which was issued on January 4, 2024, ensures that the appointments and relocations come into operation immediately, as delivered in a report. Furthermore, in accordance with the circular, a definitive consent was granted for the alteration and removal of a collective sum of 120 personnel.

It is imperative that officers assume their new duties on the given dates.

There is a group of officers who have been affected, including six individuals with the rank of colonel, 26 with the rank of lieutenant colonel, 33 who hold the rank of major, 26 who are captains, and finally, 29 officers with the rank of lieutenant. No explanation was given as to why these actions were taken. In the midst of it all, Oyinlola issued a stern warning, stating that there would be severe consequences for any officers who refused to report to their newly assigned workspaces.

Commanders were urged to take necessary action to secure the release of the officers who were impacted and understand that they would be held accountable for the failure of their officers to resume at their newly assigned posts. All formation and unit commanders must ensure that the necessary measures are carried out for the officers under their command affected by this new posting. It is imperative that officers assume their new duties on the specified effective dates.

Commanding officers must release posted officers.

Formation and unit commanders are expected to promptly address any administrative issues that may arise if an officer refuses to report to their new assignment on time and relay the information to the AHQ Department of Military Support. The circular further emphasized that any commanding officers who neglect to release posted officers according to the specified time will face suitable consequences. Additionally, commanders will be held accountable for any failures in executing the guidelines outlined within the circular.

Maj. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, remained elusive for comment, with his mobile phone appearing to be in an unreachable state as numerous attempts to contact him went unanswered. As of the time that this report was being filled, there was still an anticipation for the response to the message that was sent to him. June 2023 marked the date when the Army’s most recent redeployment was executed, as given by report.

This agreement will enhance the operational efficiency of the service.

However, the precise count of officers impacted by this redeployment remains undisclosed. Based on what Onyema stated, the objective of the agreement was to enhance the operational efficiency of the service. The Nigerian Army, which falls under the Nigerian Armed Forces, serves as the land force for the nation. Its operations and regulations are overseen by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). Taking charge of the Nigerian Army is the Chief of Army Staff, holding the highest position of authority among military personnel within the force.

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1 month ago

975 officers transferred to new assignments.A definitive consent was also granted for the alteration of 120 personnel.  – Express your point of view.

1 month ago

I note the significant reshuffling of military officers, impacting 975 personnel. The move, effective immediately, aims to enhance operational efficiency, though specific reasons are undisclosed. It’s crucial for officers to heed the warnings and report to their new assignments promptly. This decision underscores the commitment to military effectiveness, and I hope it contributes positively to national security.

Adeoye Adegoke
1 month ago

That’s quite a significant number of officers being transferred to new assignments! It seems like there’s a lot of movement happening within the personnel. I hope these transfers will bring positive changes and help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the respective departments or units.
Transfers and alterations within the personnel can be a normal part of organizational management. It allows for the redistribution of skills, knowledge, and experience, which can lead to a more well-rounded and capable workforce. It’s important for organizations to periodically assess their needs and make adjustments to ensure they have the right people in the right positions.
While change can sometimes be challenging, it also presents opportunities for growth and development. It allows officers to gain new experiences, broaden their skill sets, and contribute to different areas of the organization. This can ultimately benefit the overall functioning and effectiveness of the institution.
I hope these transfers and alterations will lead to positive outcomes and contribute to the overall success of the organization. Change can be a catalyst for progress, and I’m optimistic that these moves will bring about positive changes for everyone involved.

1 month ago

That’s a large amount of police getting moved and staff changes! It appears that the organization is undergoing some significant adjustments. I sincerely hope that everyone will benefit from these new tasks and changes.

1 month ago

975 police personnel were moved to different positions. The modification of 120 people also received final approval.For the military’s advancement, the officers’ transfer is excellent news. Rotating the cops and redeploying them to other locations is beneficial.