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85 year old Dr jailed for killing patient

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By Kenny Adetunji

Nigerian Dr who lied about age to face jail term for killing patient.

A Nigerian doctor, Isyaka Mamman, who had been practicing Medicine in the UK was previously suspended from practicing in Nigeria, after it was revealed that he had lied about his age and killed a patient in a botched diagnostic procedure. He was sentenced to jail time as a result of his actions. The doctor, who was found to be 85, had claimed to be in his late 20s when he first came to the UK to practice medicine. He had also lied about his qualifications, and it is thought that he may have falsified other documents in order to gain employment. The patient who died recently as a result of the doctor’s negligence was just one of many who were put at risk by his actions. In total, there were six patients who died as a direct result of his actions.

The Dr. misrepresented his age and was able to start medical training at 16 or younger. This is due to incorrect documentation and a lack of birth records in some parts of Nigeria. He was able to take advantage of the system in place, and begin his medical training at a younger age than what is required. This is due to the fact that there are no birth records for him in Nigeria, and thus he was able to get away with misrepresenting his age on his documents. This is a problem that needs to be addressed, as it can lead to Dr.’s taking advantage of the system and getting away with things that they should not be able to.

Dr. provided a false date of birth during his medical training.

Dr. Mamman received his medical degree in Nigeria in 1965 and began working for the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom in 1991. He joined the team at Royal Oldham Hospital in 2004, and has been practicing at this hospital since. The individual in question gave a false date of birth during his medical training, which resulted in him saying he was 21 when he started his course. However, this was incorrect. It was discovered that at the time of the offence documentation stated his incorrect age, therefore the discrepancy was discovered during an investigation into the Dr.’s medical training and qualifications.

He was involved in the death of a patient in September 2018. This followed two previous incidents with mistakes on similar procedures. His colleagues thought he should have retired by this point. However, Mamman continued to practice medicine, and in September of that year, he made another mistake that resulted in the death of another patient. This time, his colleagues were convinced that he should stop working and advised him to end his career on his terms, and when he choose not to do so they took action to ensure that he would no longer be able to practice medicine.

The court heard how the doctor had failed to follow proper procedures.

It was revealed at Manchester Crown Court, that this doctor made a mistake during the latest incident. While using a needle to take a bone marrow sample, he mistakenly used the wrong needle and inserted it into the wrong place. As a result of the error, the patient was left with serious injuries, which resulted in her death. The investigation into this found that during the procedure this Dr. had inserted the needle in the incorrect spot which pierced her heart and caused severe internal bleeding. Leaving the patient to bleed to death. The court heard how the doctor had failed to follow proper procedures and had not adequately checked the equipment before beginning the procedure. Dr. Mamman was found guilty of negligence and was disciplined by the court (3 years). This case highlights the importance of always following proper procedures and taking care to double-check all equipment before beginning any medical procedure.

This case revolves around the Dr. providing false information regarding his age. He stated that he was born in 1936, which allowed him to start medical school at the age of 21. However, he was actually born in 1941, which confirmed that he was only 16. This allowed him to enroll in medical school way too early. The latest incident happened when he was actually 81 years old. Which meant that he should not of been able to practice medicine at that time. During the proceedings, the judge heard that he had lied and falsified his documents on more than one occasion.

Many reasons students may choose to enroll in university at a later age.

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