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6th edition of the Lagos Leather Fair

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By Abiodun Okunloye

Nigeria and African leather industry designers will be promoted globally.

The Lagos Leather Fair (LLF), a platform established to promote leather designers and the possible value of the leather sector in Nigeria and Africa, has made public the commencement of its 2023 edition, with the theme “Staying Ahead: Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment.” On the occasion of its upcoming sixth edition that will be held on June 17–18 at the Balmoral Convention Centre on Victoria Island in Lagos, LLF 2023 will introduce the LLF Accelerator Programme, which will serve as a mentorship and development scheme and six leather brands will be selected.

With the guidance of entrepreneurs with significant industry expertise, the select three brands in footwear and three in handbags will develop, reinforce, and acquire crucial skills and knowledge. When it comes to realizing the untapped potential of the Nigerian leather ecosystem and Africa as a whole, LLF has been at the forefront every step of the way. At the 2023 event, local businesses, up-and-coming designers, and prominent brands from around the world will all have a chance to present their products to the target audience.

Hidden potential in the African leather industry is unveiled.

Discussing the upcoming event, Lagos Leather Fair founder Femi Olayebi stated that the fair’s annual celebration is evidence of their unwavering commitment to discovering sustainable ways that will expand the African leather industry and guarantee the success of the Made-in-Nigeria Project as well as the Non-Oil Initiative. They have worked for over five years to pave the way for the leather sector to reach its full potential, and they are thrilled about LLF 2023 and the positive influence it will have on the country and across Africa.

More so, the LLF continues to be dedicated to the goal of offering a platform that is focused on delivering solutions for leather designers and other important players along the leather ecosystem in Nigeria and throughout Africa. LLF 2023 will feature a number of engaging talks and workshops where chosen experts will be available to provide insights on important and essential subjects that affect the African leather sector, in addition to featuring a well-organized series of workshops.

Leather brands will learn more from the workshop with cutting-edge tools.

Techniques and basics of shoemaking, as well as growth and marketing approaches with the assistance of social media and the use of case studies, will be the primary focus of these workshops. In addition, one of the specialized workshops with the title “Cracking Global Markets: How African Brands can go from Local to Global” is going to feature 25 different brands. A global fashion and retail consultant will act as the facilitator for this workshop.

In addition, Pitch-A-LeatherBiz will be a featured event at LLF 2023. During this session, individual brands will have the opportunity to present their business concepts in front of a group of potential investors. The LLF Awards will be designated as a means of showing recognition to the industry’s most innovative and accomplished leather artisans. The Nigerian leather sector, which is the third largest in Africa after South Africa and Ethiopia, has benefited greatly from the Lagos Leather Fair for the past six years.

Many impacts have been recorded through the initiative.

Through its interactive conversations, innovative workshops, product displays, and runway presentations, the platform has had an impact on relevant stakeholders. LLF celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2022, marking five years of revolutionary existence and tremendous effect in the African leather sector. LLF Digital, which was West Africa’s first-ever digital leather show, also started during the fair in 2020. This was done to capitalize on the rising cross-border relationships and to expand the platform for participating businesses.

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