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1st Lady Emphasized Women’s Role in Society

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By Mercy Kelani

Each woman, regardless of her age, is a source of strength within families.

Oluremi Tinubu, the First Lady of Nigeria, has expressed concerns over the potential loss of Nigerian children’s identity, emphasizing the need for urgent action to address this issue. During an event titled Celebrating the organized, she issued this caution as part of the activities commemorating President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s first year in power. The purpose of the event was to honour the achievements of Women in Nigeria who have played important roles in different aspects of life, communities, and the country as a whole.

Mrs. Tinubu highlighted the crucial role of women in both the household and wider community, underscoring the significance of raising children with a strong moral compass and preserving cultural traditions and values. They came together to honour the diverse group of women who have played a vital role in shaping the country. Each woman, regardless of her age, is a source of strength, support, and growth within families, neighbourhoods, and organizations. She was worried that if nothing was done, the way society is right now could result in children no longer knowing who they truly are.

It is important for them to strive towards being the cohesive element.

The First Lady emphasized the importance of women acting as cohesive influences in both their households and local areas in order to promote increased prosperity throughout the country. She motivated others to find inspiration in the achievements of trailblazing women who have set the stage for future generations. With the presence of mothers, everything falls into place. Moving forward, it is important for them to strive towards being the cohesive element in their households and neighbourhoods, in order to foster increased prosperity for the country.

More so, they should learn from the experiences of those who came before them and expand upon the contributions they made to society. Encouraging all to do their part, she emphasized the importance of ongoing prayers for President Bola Tinubu and the country until Nigeria achieves its ultimate goal, which she likened to Eldorado. She expressed her gratitude to all the mothers present and to those who continue to impact their lives in various ways. She thanked them for their love, resilience, and endless acts of selflessness.

They must come together as mothers and helpers in order to progress.

Nana Shettima, the Vice President’s wife, praised Mrs. Tinubu for her wealth of experience, noting her previous roles as First Lady of Lagos State, eight-year tenure as a senator, and current position as the country’s First Lady. Referring to the first lady, Mrs. Shettima eloquently praised her for her humble demeanour, unwavering enthusiasm, dedicated nature, and genuine intentions. Victoria Gowon, the wife of a former Head of State, emphasized the importance of women coming together for the progress of Nigeria. According to her, only through unity and mentorship can Nigerian women pave the way for a future female president.

Furthermore, First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has set an example for them all by emphasizing the importance of treating others as friends and partners in advancing women’s rights in Nigeria. As women, they must come together as mothers and helpers in order to progress. Their unity is crucial for their advancement. They should set aside their differences, regardless of origin or love interests, and recognize that they are all women and mothers. She urged the women of Nigeria to rally behind Mrs. Tinubu in her current role. She has proven her dedication to empowering women and supporting the youth of Nigeria.

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By joining forces, they will become a formidable force and one day, one of their own will rise to lead the nation. Mrs. Patience Jonathan, a previous First Lady, conveyed her appreciation to Mrs. Tinubu for recognizing the significance of former first ladies, whom she consistently honours and appreciates as essential contributors to the country. She stressed the crucial role played by Nigerian women in the overall development of the country, underscoring the necessity of unity and support. Nigerian women are blessed with a maternal figure who showers them with love, takes care of their needs, and supports them unconditionally.


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