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1st EV Experience Centre (EVEC) in Africa

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By Mercy Kelani

This new centre will let Nigerians witness the benefits of electric mobility.

Recently, Possible EVS revealed its intention to launch the First Multi-brand Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) in Africa. The company will put on display leading electric vehicle brands like BMW, Tesla, and others. There are expectations that this new centre will provide the opportunity for Nigerians to witness the benefits of electric mobility. Through the discovery of these advantages, they would be able to play a significant role in ensuring that the country achieves its goal of net zero emissions by 2060.

The firm had stated that EVEC would also grant visitors the rare opportunity to learn about, explore, and test-drive the most recent models from popular brands. With this, they would gain first-hand experience of the cutting-edge technology, unique performance, and environmental advantages of electric vehicles. The center is also designed to foster gathering of government agencies, relevant stakeholders, development partners, and investors in the automotive sector and their engagement in productive discussions to enact policies that ensure widespread adoption of EVs across Nigeria.

Number of EVs in Nigeria will increase to 1M by 2028.

Founder of the Discovery Museum and Possible EVS, Mosope Olaosebikan, highlighted in a statement that the company had witnessed a massive increase in the adoption of electric vehicles across the globe, and has resultantly considered it the right time for Nigeria to do the same. He had asserted that with sufficient support from stakeholders and the government, there is a projection that the number of electric vehicles in Nigeria would increase to one million by 2028.

It is expected that the introduction of EVs will raise several questions within Nigerians. However, EVEC is established and dedicated to aiding confused citizens with required knowledge about EVs through provision of comprehensive education. There will be availability of an EVEC team to guide visitors through the complicacies of owning an electric vehicle, provide answers to questions, and display how the technology functions. EVEC would show visitors how EVs are charged, refuting misconceptions and anxiety concerning range.

EVEC is designed to be the go-to site for Nigerians in need of clarity.

Also, it would discuss the economic and environmental advantages of these vehicles. The center is designed to be the go-to site for Nigerians in need of reliable information and clarity. The CEO of Possible EVS said that it is the hope of the firm to make EVEC an answer to every person who is in doubts as to whether or not electric cars can be made and used in a country with very poor energy like Nigeria.

Visitors who are interested in these cars would be able to compare the driving range within the center, including the charging time, battery capacity, and characteristics to find their desired electric car. After they have made their decisions, they will be directed to the appropriate retailers. This initiative of the firm is in accordance with the plan of the Federal Government’s National Automotive Design and Development (NADD) to ensure 30 percent of its vehicles are electric by 2025.

Possible EVS is leading Nigeria towards achieving sustainable transport.

Additionally, the Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) is a subdivision of Possible EVS, a Nigerian automotive startup leading the country towards achieving sustainable transport. The center opens every day and looks forward to being the best destination for early adopters, EV enthusiasts, and people who want to know more about EV in Nigeria, as it allows visitors to test-drive electric cars. It has been affirmed that through the center, citizens of Nigeria will discover the advantages of electric mobility.

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26 days ago

1st EV Experience Centre (EVEC) in Africa.This new centre will let Nigerians witness the benefits of electric mobility.Express your point of view.

26 days ago

The establishment of the first Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) in Africa is a significant step towards showcasing the numerous benefits of electric mobility to Nigerians. This center will provide a unique opportunity for people to witness firsthand the advantages of electric vehicles (EVs) and learn about their positive impact on the environment and transportation sector.
By creating an experiential space dedicated to EVs, the EVEC will allow Nigerians to explore and understand the technology, features, and capabilities of electric vehicles. This hands-on experience will help dispel any misconceptions or doubts surrounding EVs and highlight their potential to revolutionize transportation in Nigeria.

One of the key benefits of electric mobility is its contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. As EVs run on electricity, they produce zero tailpipe emissions, helping to improve air quality and mitigate the harmful effects of traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This is especially crucial in urban areas where air pollution is a pressing concern.
In addition to environmental benefits, EVs offer economic advantages as well. With the rising costs of conventional fuel, electric vehicles provide a more cost-effective alternative. The lower operating and maintenance costs of EVs make them an attractive option for consumers, leading to potential savings in the long run. Furthermore, the adoption of electric mobility can stimulate job creation and investment in the local EV industry, fostering economic growth and technological advancement.
The establishment of the EVEC also aligns with the global trend towards sustainable transportation. Many countries worldwide are embracing electric mobility as a means to achieve their climate goals and transition to a greener future. Nigeria, with its abundant renewable energy resources, has the potential to become a leader in the adoption of electric vehicles, reducing its dependence on imported fossil fuels and promoting energy self-sufficiency.
In conclusion, the establishment of the first Electric Vehicle Experience Centre in Africa is an exciting development that will allow Nigerians to witness the benefits of electric mobility firsthand. It has the potential to accelerate the adoption of EVs, contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment, and drive economic growth. I’m thrilled to see Nigeria taking a significant step towards.

25 days ago

A significant achievement in advancing the use of electric vehicles in Nigeria is the opening of the continent’s first (EVEC). The EVEC will be essential in promoting electric mobility, debunking myths about it, and building the environment that supports it.

25 days ago

To better inform Nigerians about the various benefits of electric transportation, the first Electric Vehicle Experience Center in Africa has been constructed. People will have a unique chance to personally experience the advantages of electric automobiles