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18th edition of AITF to be hosted by ACCI

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By Mercy Kelani

Theme — Sustainable Financing and Taxation as Drivers for the New Economy.

To be held in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, the upcoming 18th Abuja International Trade Fair (AITF), which is scheduled for September 28 to October 9, 2023, was announced by the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in Nigeria. Dr. Al-Mujtaba Abubakar, the president of the chamber, during his speech in Abuja, declared the theme of the Fair as “Sustainable Financing and Taxation as Drivers for the New Economy,” which would encourage business engagements.

He said that the platform will be used for businesses to interact with tax and financial institutions, deliberate on current trends, create solutions, and drive sustainable approaches to the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Abubakar said that the 2023 theme for the programme concentrated on taxation and financing, which is the foundation of any successful nation and of great significance to the business community. This is because it is crucial to evaluating climate-friendly initiatives, attracting foreign direct investment, and the ease of doing business.

More than 500 companies are expected at the event.

Also, the president of the ACCI, during his press briefing, stated that the programme will display innovative solutions and products from exhibitors and partners in different sectors which includes environmental safety, food processing, e-Health, payment systems, tax collection and Fintech. He added that the International Trade Fair in Abuja represents an inclusive and unique business gathering that accommodates different range of customers, which will promote the experience and exploration of the rich array of the country’s services and products.

According to Abubakar, a curated diplomatic and special designated space will be featured in this year’s edition for foreign representations. Also, International organizations and trade missions will present their featured products and technologies, economic cooperation projects and businesses. Based on Dr. Abubakar’s statement, in Nigeria, ACCI expects participants of more than 500 companies for the 2023 edition of the Trade Fair, while visitors within and outside Nigeria, approximately 100,000, are also expected to attend the event, judging by the fact that more than 500 companies have expressed their interest, and more are anticipated.

There are side-line activities to entertain participants.

Furthermore, Abubakar said that the Trade Fair will function as a dynamic gathering of different industries, and join together a wide array of exhibitors which will represent different sectors in services, agriculture, trade and industry. He mentioned that the initiative will provide a great platform to enhance exchanges between international and national stakeholders that will promote fruitful engagements between government agencies and businesses. Additionally, there are side-line activities which will be entertaining and beneficiary to all participants.

The president of the chamber highlighted the side-line activities that will feature in this year’s edition of ATIF. These events include a free fashion runway show, 12 days of jollof rice, virtual and physical games, raffle draws, special days, business networking, B2B, B2G, B2C, and others throughout the fair. The 18th edition of the Abuja International Trade Fair was reported by the ACCI boss as an initiative to establish a platform for policymakers to relate with the business community, and connect businesses. This will further foster the progress of small enterprises, recognising their role in overall prosperity, job creation and national economy.

ATIF will develop an empowering business environment.

Abubakar highlighted the list of interested countries that have announced their interests to participate in this year’s edition of the Trade Fair. Interested countries include UAE, Syria, Egypt, Guinea, Ghana, China, India, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. The Abuja International Trade Fair (AITF) is a recognized multifactorial event in Nigeria that has continually expanded its influence and scope. The mission of the ATIF is to develop an empowering business environment through enhancement of organizational capabilities, and facilitation of impactful international trade missions.

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17 days ago

18th edition of AITF to be hosted by ACCI.Theme — Sustainable Financing and Taxation as Drivers for the New Economy.Express your point of view.

16 days ago

I completely agree with the theme of the 18th edition of AITF, which focuses on sustainable financing and taxation as drivers for the new economy. This is an incredibly important topic that addresses the need for economic growth while also considering the long-term sustainability of our planet.
Sustainable financing involves investing in projects and initiatives that have positive environmental and social impacts. By incorporating sustainability into financial decision-making, we can ensure that economic growth is balanced with the preservation of our natural resources and the well-being of communities.
Taxation plays a crucial role in shaping economic behavior and incentivizing sustainable practices. By implementing tax policies that encourage environmentally-friendly activities and discourage harmful ones, we can steer the economy towards a more sustainable path. This can include tax incentives for renewable energy projects, carbon pricing mechanisms to reduce emissions, and support for sustainable agriculture and manufacturing practices.
The new economy should be built on the principles of sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity. By embracing sustainable financing and taxation, we can create a framework that promotes innovation, job creation, and economic growth while also addressing pressing environmental challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss.
I believe that this theme sets the stage for meaningful discussions and collaborations among policymakers, businesses, and civil society. It provides an opportunity to explore innovative financing mechanisms, share best practices, and learn from successful examples of sustainable economic models from around the world.

16 days ago

Explore new techniques of financing and taxation at the 18th edition of AITF, which ACCI is hosting. It outlines the significance and effects on economic growth and encourages partnerships to create a developing economy that is more accessible and sustainable

16 days ago

Economic behavior is greatly influenced by taxes, which also serve as incentives for sustainable action.The ACCI will host the 18th AITF edition. The necessity for economic growth is addressed, and long-term viability. is taken into account in this highly significant affair. The ideals of long-term viability flexibility and accessibility should form the foundation of the new economy.