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FG is yet to fulfill ₦35,000 wage increase

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By Mercy Kelani

The basis of the plan was to provide aid to workers, ease transportation costs.

On the occasion of Monday’s worldwide Christmas celebration, a group of Nigerian government employees have expressed their desire for the Federal Government to fulfill its commitment of disbursing the long-overdue ₦35,000 wage increase to its workforce. During individual interviews, public officials offered their suggestions to the Federal Government, stressing the importance of consistently disbursing December salaries ahead of the Christmas season. It was reported that President Bola Tinubu made a commitment to grant a ₦35,000 wage award to employees of the federal government, soon after his announcement regarding the elimination of petrol subsidy.

Tinubu’s rationale behind the plan was to provide aid to the workers in alleviating the burden of transportation expenses amidst the surging prices of essential goods and other commodities. According to investigation, it was discovered that the wage award was solely remunerated for the month of September. Mr. Simon Ali, a civil servant, has voiced his concerns about the chaos caused by the sudden halt in the implementation of the ₦35,000 wage increase. The majority of individuals among the workers have incorporated the ₦35,000 wage award into their monthly financial plans; however, they have only received payment for the month of September.

Workers are not pleased with the delay in payment of their Dec salaries.

He remarked that the Federal Government had taken the initiative on its own. He advised that it would be wise for the President to prioritize the reinstatement of the wage award and the timely settlement of the remaining payments, particularly during the festive season. Mr. Isa Ahmed, a different public employee, has shared his displeasure regarding the federal government’s decision to discontinue the implementation of the ₦35,000 wage increase. The workers were not pleased with the delay in payment of their December salaries, which has also expressed dissatisfaction with.

A customary practice among private sector entities, and occasionally observed by select state governments, is the timely issuance of December salaries preceding the celebration of Christmas. The federal government often struggles to provide its workers with a bonus equivalent to an extra months salary, which would allow them to enjoy Christmas without financial burdens. What impedes the government from implementing a comparable system? He expressed optimism that the President will take into account the settlement for the overdue three months’ ₦35,000 wage increase as well as the payment for the month of December. He mentioned that this action would significantly contribute towards relieving the current economic difficulties, he expressed.

Cessation of petroleum subsidies has plunged FG workers into distress.

Also, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) issued a stark warning regarding the potential grave repercussions that would ensue should the government cease the allocation of the wage award. It is imperative that the federal government honour its commitment to providing the ₦35,000 as stated by Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, who serves as the TUC National President. He stated that the federal government has granted its approval to grant a wage increase of ₦35,000 to employees within its system, commencing from September 1, 2023. The payment pertaining to September 2023 was duly settled during the month of November in the same year, he stated.

Furthermore, he implored the federal government to promptly initiate the remittance of the unpaid dues for the months of October and November. The possibility of the ₦35,000 wage award being halted has been a cause of concern raised by the Federal Workers Forum (FWF). In his official statement, Mr. Andrew Emelieze, the National Coordinator of FWF, expressed deep concern about the challenging times faced by the workers following the elimination of fuel subsidy. The cessation of petroleum subsidies has plunged federal government employees across the country into a state of extreme distress.

Gov’t should promptly settle the outstanding wage award payments.

Additionally, the increasing expenses of daily life coupled with the continuous devaluation of the Naira have rendered their net income insignificant. During this timeframe, although salaries have not witnessed any increase, the prices of goods and services have experienced a threefold surge. He commented that despite the relentless increase of prices on every front, the minimum wage has steadfastly remained at a mere ₦30,000 per month. In a pressing matter, he urgently implored the Federal Government to promptly settle the outstanding wage award payments.

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2 months ago

FG is yet to fulfill ₦35,000 wage increase.The basis of the plan was to provide aid to workers, ease transportation costs. – Express your point of view.

2 months ago

The delay in fulfilling the ₦35,000 wage increase is causing distress among government employees, especially during the festive season. The inconsistency in payments and the impact of fuel subsidy removal have heightened concerns. The government should prioritize settling the outstanding wage payments promptly to alleviate the financial strain on workers.

Adeoye Adegoke
2 months ago

It’s disappointing to hear that the government has not yet fulfilled the ₦35,000 wage increase that was planned to aid workers and ease transportation costs. Wage increases are important for ensuring that workers can meet their basic needs and have a decent standard of living.
Transportation costs can be a significant burden for many workers, especially those who rely on public transportation to commute to their jobs. The intention behind the wage increase was to alleviate some of this financial strain and provide workers with a fair and equitable compensation.
It’s important for governments to prioritize the well-being of their workforce and fulfill their commitments. Adequate wages not only benefit individual workers and their families but also contribute to overall economic growth and stability.
I hope that the government takes the necessary steps to fulfill the promised wage increase and support the hardworking individuals who contribute to the development of the country. It’s crucial to prioritize the welfare of workers and ensure that they are adequately compensated for their efforts.

2 months ago

The ₦35,000 wage hike is still pending from FG. The plan’s foundation was to assist laborers and reduce transportation expenses.I have serious concerns about how the government will pay for this pay hike. It just doesn’t seem plausible to me. I’m hoping they can raise the pay a tiny bit.Concerns have grown as a result of payment irregularities and the effects of the elimination of gasoline subsidies.

2 months ago

The government employees are experiencing discomfort, especially during the Christmas season, as a result of the depressing delay in implementing the promised ₦35,000 wage raise. There are significant worries about the erratic payments and the fallout from the elimination of fuel subsidies.Sufficient pay benefits individual employees and their families as well as the expansion and stability of the economy as a whole.