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We need to rejig education in Nigeria – Fowler-Amba

We need to rejig education in Nigeria – Fowler-Amba

Redacted article courtesy of – Vanguard

On the need to revamp education in Nigeria to reflect the 21st century needs, Fowler-Amba said, “We need to revamp our curriculum. It is based on a past glory, on skills that are becoming extinct, and on skills that will not prepare children to be entrepreneurs among others.

“For us we know that the future is technology. And we need to redirect our curriculum because there are certain skills that are needed beyond the 21st century which involves collaboration and teamwork.

“We need to look at a place like Ghana. It has incorporated robotics into its curriculum and that is what the Federal Government should look into because by doing that, we are going to improve human capital. Human capital is very poor right now.

Link to full article:    https://www.vanguardngr.com/2021/07/we-need-to-rejig-education-in-nigeria-fowler-amba/

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