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Nigerian universities: the dire necessity of standards

Nigerian universities: the dire necessity of standards

Redacted article courtesy of – Premium Times

The hallmark of productivity is improvement in quantity and quality. If one of these standards is sacrificed for the other, needed development is compromised. This argument is so valid in our tertiary education sector today.

The demand for higher education in Nigeria, spurred by urgent national development needs, is enormous, hence the need for more universities. However, it is counter-intuitive and counter-productive to establish more when most existing universities are ‘glorified secondary schools’ that are poorly resourced, poorly managed, and sometimes not fit for purpose.

I advocate for improving the quality of existing universities before indulging in the proliferation of universities in Nigeria

Link to full article:    https://www.premiumtimesng.com/opinion/474436-nigerian-universities-the-dire-necessity-of-standards-not-quantity-by-dakuku-peterside.html

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