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Nigeria and its ongoing hegemony of national saboteurs

Nigeria and its ongoing hegemony of national saboteurs

Redacted article courtesy of – The Guardian

It remains to be seen how Nigeria will ever or if it will ever wriggle out of its present quagmire where almost all government’s professional bodies are up in arms against their employer owing to its inability to address some of their nagging demands.

The federal government is confronted by a debilitating predicament occasioned by paucity of funds for developmental purposes necessitating the continuous borrowings to fund national budgets.

Yet, the monstrous social-economic malaise plaguing the nation has led to a situation where various and varying agitations dominate the entire landscape each with a resolve to take a pound’s flesh.

Link to full article:  https://guardian.ng/opinion/nigeria-and-hegemony-of-saboteurs/


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