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New Feature – Classifieds – Its free and easy to use

New Feature – Classifieds – Its free and easy to use

Article courtesy of – AN-John

Free Classifieds Ads for Everyone and Every Business in Nigeria.  🙂

Whether you are a Business looking to get your name out there, an individual looking to sell a new or used item, or a personal interest group organizing an event, Classifieds has you covered.

How to post a classified ad?

In order to post an ad, you must first locate the classifieds tab located on your User Page.

Here you can create a post, add an image or logo, submit the details and choose a catergory.  NOTE:  any ads created in the wrong catergory will be deleted.  Please choose wisely.  This is necessary to keep the Classifieds clean and user friendly.

All posted information will show in the Classifieds tab in the Main Menu of the website.  If your information changes, please return and update it so clients can reach you.


The Ask Nigeria Team

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