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Israeli Filmmakers Arrested in Nigeria During Shoot

Israeli Filmmakers Arrested in Nigeria During Shoot

Redacted article courtesy of – Variety

Three Israeli filmmakers have been arrested and detained in Nigeria during a shoot for their documentary “We Were Never Lost,” about Jewish tribes on the African continent.

Activist and Columbia University graduate Rudy Rochman, director Noam Leibman and French-Israeli journalist Edouard Benaym flew from Israel to Nigeria on July 6, according to reports. They were detained the following Friday at a synagogue belonging to the Igbo tribe.

The trio, who are currently crowdfunding the project via RaiseGiving.com, said on their website that “We Were Never Lost” is meant to be a “heartfelt tribute to an ancient people yearning for inclusion.” The team promised to “examine the claims, history, stories, struggles and aspirations of the Jewish/Israelite tribes of Africa.”

Link to full article:    https://variety.com/2021/film/news/israeli-filmmakers-arrested-in-nigeria-1235023549/

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